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“Now you know the charm of a real Chinese man!” After saying this, the old man closed his eyes and said softly, “If you really have a heart, let Yunxi do it!”! Alas! You are confused! How can you sign such an agreement with the government? Don’t you know the attitude of the Chinese side? China will allow such a person to stay in Korea, you! You are sometimes not as clever as your daughter, alas! The old man said this and stood up and walked away. Hua Tianxiang walked out of the cabin and came to the path in the deep mountains and dense forests. He walked leisurely, surrounded by bodyguards, especially at the bottom of the mountain, where a long line of limousines were all lined up. It seemed that the Kim family was indeed the first person in Korea. Hua Tianxiang walked all the way, and was subjected to the attention of many bodyguards. They simply regarded him as a God in their hearts! Yes, who can maintain such an arrogant attitude towards their president? Who can fly around in the sky? Now people have experienced great disasters, and their horizons have widened, and they have accepted many incredible things. Although there is not much news about Hua Tianxiang in South Korea, it is also because South Korean agents did so in order to consider the safety of Hua Tianxiang. In fact, China also reminds South Korea in this respect. However, some cameras focused on him. Have you seen Miss Li? Hua Tianxiang asked a bodyguard, and of course Miss Li in his mouth was Li Junyao. The bodyguard shook his head and stooped to reply,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, “I’m sorry, Mr. Hua, I didn’t see it!” ” Hua Tianxiang said thank you, and then went to the lake, where the laptop on the table was still there, but no one was around,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, Hua Tianxiang did not expect Li Junyao to dive back into the lake to find her sister. Hua Tianxiang sat on the chair, and in a moment a bodyguard brought a pot of tea! Hua Tianxiang waved his hand and said softly, “I don’t drink tea. Please bring me a glass of water. Thank you!” The bodyguard left. Hua Tianxiang looked at the computer, he slowly recalled his past, his brain has just recovered memory, but memory is still some confusion, now calm down, he remembered a lot. My parents are still alive, but where are they? Hua Tianxiang said to himself, can you believe that person’s words? Looking at his hateful eyes and a ferocious face, Hua Tianxiang actually believed it. Hua Tianxiang couldn’t figure it out in many places, so he simply stood up, Glass Cream Jars ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, clasped his hands in front of his chest, and walked around, sorting out some memories in his brain. It’s getting late! Jin Yunxi walked behind Hua Tianxiang, and before he could speak, Hua Tianxiang said, “Are you ready?” Jin Yunxi was depressed all afternoon. Her father found her and told her about the current situation. He wanted her to let Hua Tianxiang stay in Korea anyway. His father emphasized the tone of these four words. How could the intelligent Jin Yunxi not understand his father’s mind. Although she is willing to leave Hua Tianxiang in Korea, she is not willing to use this way, but she knows that Hua Tianxiang has reminded her that he will return to China during this period of time! He’s gone. He’s really gone. If he’s gone, what should I do? Kim Yun-hee has been thinking about this topic. Dozens of cars came down the hill, the whistle was very loud, and then a large group of people came up the hill! Hua Tianxiang stood on a high place and saw the face of the man at a glance. He couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable and his face was cold. Jin Yunxi, who was standing beside him, couldn’t laugh and scold Hua Tianxiang as before. After all, Hua Tiaxiang is so famous now that the president of our country is willing to call him Mr., which shows that the man in front of him is really extraordinary. She looked at Hua Tianxiang’s back in space, but did not know that Hua Tianxiang had not seen her answer for a long time. She turned to look at her and asked again: “I ask you, are you ready now?”? Did you hear that? Jin Yunxi was awakened by Hua Tianxiang’s words. Her face darkened. She nodded and said, “I’m ready to start.”. ” Hua Tianxiang gently’oh ‘, and then asked: “The medicine is also fried according to my orders?” “Yes, it’s all ready according to your wishes.” Jin Yunxi also saw a group of people coming up from the foot of the mountain. These people came up and came to the door of the wooden house under the guidance of bodyguards. Hua Tianxiang also sighed. After all, these people could not fall down. He was here. It seemed that the problem of the virus had to rely on me to help him solve it. However, did he want to carry out his own eight non-rescues! After all, you have to keep your word. Well, it seems necessary to make this request to him. Hua Tianxiang, accompanied by Jin Yunxi, made up his mind to walk towards them. Under the escort of bodyguards, this is the third time that the president of South Korea has personally visited Hua Tianxiang! A group of people stood in front of Hua Tianxiang! The president still kept an amiable smile to say hello to Hua Tianxiang! Hua Tianxiang looked as usual and his eyes were still the same. He looked at the South Korean president for a moment and then said, “I also have some clues about the prescription of the virus, but I don’t have much time today. You’d better come next time!” Listening to Hua Tianxiang’s cold words, some ministers and officials around the president were so angry that they wanted to smoke Hua Tianxiang’s mouth! After all, the president of Korea is the image of Korea! Hua Tianxiang, a small citizen, can put such a spectrum on the president, who can stand it! However, now such a situation, can not endure to endure ah! Jin Yunxi looked at this group of people worriedly, she did not know what to say, had to stand quietly aside! The South Korean president noticed Kim Un-hee. He just nodded with a smile and said to Hua Tianxiang,Blue Bottle Serum, “Since Mr. Hua has something important to do now, let’s come tomorrow!”! Mr. Hua, please! Say this and give way to Hua Tianxiang!.

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