Complimentary training available to those of Indigenous heritage

Passive House Canada is committed to providing support for lasting change in housing and economic development in Indigenous communities across Canada. We stand by our values of supporting healthy, resilient and energy-efficient homes and buildings. We know that some of our most motivated and engaged learners may need financial support to enroll in passive house training, and we want to provide this assistance in our collective effort to building healthy and sustainable Indigenous communities.

We are committed to expanding knowledge and skills of the Passive House Standard through all of our educational initiatives, and are pleased to offer limited enrolment to any of our individual Passive House courses* to those of Indigenous heritage, including Metis, First Nations and Inuit. This offer is available on a first come first serve basis, with limited monthly enrolment available for individual courses.

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To learn more about this initiative, or if you have any questions including eligibility, please reach out to: [email protected]

*Please note the Pathway to Designer/Consultant Certification bundle and Pathway to Trades Certification bundle are excluded at this time, although individual courses may be available.

“Passivhaus is the only way forward. It aligns with the way our ancestors built for tens of thousands of years. Our teachings prioritize ‘enough-ness’ and only taking what we need as a ‘way of life’. They lived this way by constructing buildings that kept warm in winter and cool in summer, WITHOUT using energy beyond what was needed. They maintained a low carbon footprint because they knew living sustainably was the only way to survive. Wasting nothing. Indigenous peoples around the world lived in their own type of Passivhaus based on their local climates.

Through Passive House Canada, we can teach you how to utilize modern techniques and materials to build climate resilient buildings that use minimal energy.

The science has ‘caught up’ to what our ancestors taught us. We can return to our ways and take only what we need. Just like our ancestors, respecting our Mother, Earth.”

Jeremiah Point

Member of the Akwesasro:non Community
Owner, Point Engineering
Board Member of Passive House Canada