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Passive House Canada can provide you or your organization with a feasibility study that can help you understand how to meet your carbon and energy targets within a project. Our experienced technical experts can help you develop pathways to net zero for your project.

Feasibility reports are invaluable tools for mid-and large-sized projects, new builds as well as retrofits. And they matter — granting agencies often rely on feasibility studies to make educated funding decisions. As a reliable source for data and modelling, Passive House Canada is a clear choice for providing this kind of service.

Why work with Passive House Canada?

Gain assurance that your project can meet its energy targets before approaching funding agencies or investors with a trusted source for energy modelling. Our highly specialized technical staff have amassed years of experience in modelling Passive house and net zero pathway projects. We work with housing providers across the country, and have provided consultation for cities, municipalities and more.

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