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The PHPP is an easy to use planning tool for energy efficiency for the use of architects and planning experts. The reliability of the calculation results and ease of use of this planning tool has already been experienced by several thousand users.

The PHPP enables the building designer to:

  • Determine the most suitable form of the building and the impact of design choices on energy efficiency
  • Calculate the required performance level of individual components such as wall insulation, windows, etc. and their influence on the energy balance of the building in winter and in summer
  • Calculate the heating and cooling load
  • Determine the size and required performance of mechanical systems
  • Calculate energy production from onsite renewables and the building energy needs being met by those renewables
  • Calculate the life-cycle costs of different design options
  • Confirm whether the building meets the Passive House certification criteria

The PHPP has been thoroughly validated against measured performance data of real buildings in various climates, so you can be assured that the energy demand it predicts will reflect actual energy consumption.

For more information on the new features of the PHPP 10, please click here.

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New customers always get the latest version when purchasing PHPP.

Ordering PHPP

PHPP 10 is available – in the well known Excel-format, with a simpler look and with an online flipbook instead of the printed manual. Several new features and a few new worksheets were added. In addition, new external tools to facilitate the data entry with secondary calculations have been added.

If you have PHPP version 7, 8 or 9, you can purchase version 10 at a discounted upgrade price. You will need to provide your PHPP registration number during the purchase process.

If you need to purchase several copies of PHPP, multi-user licenses are available if you are purchasing 5, 10, 25 or more licenses.

Please contact us by phone at 778-265-2744 or at [email protected] for more details.

Please see the Software Update tab (above) to download the latest PHPP software updates.

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Note: There is a no return policy on PHPP software, unless faulty. 

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Your PHPP registration will be automatically done on the Passive House Portal after your account has been created.

System Requirements

System requirements and license type

The PHPP is based on a MS Excel workbook in the xlsx/xlsm format. Microsoft Windows XP (or higher) and Microsoft Excel 2007 (or higher) are system requirements. On Macintosh, PHPP works with Excel for Mac 2011 (or higher). As far as the authors are aware, the PHPP can also be used with current versions of OpenOffice or LibreOffice. However, depending on the platforms used and their programming, there may be limited functionality of the calculation tool or the implemented macro tools.

PHPP is only provided as single-user license, including a detailed online flip-book manual. With the license the PHPP user obtains a registration code which is used to register the PHPP license. Based on this registration, the user will receive access to the download of PHPP, the online flip-book manual, and to updates of the calculation tool, or upgrade discounts for new versions of PHPP or designPH.

For more detailed information on PHPP visit the Passivhaus Institute website.