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Thermal bridge modelling is the foundation of high performance building. More and more, thermal bridging calculations are being incorporated into building codes – but experts aren’t always easy to find. That’s where Passive House Canada can help.

With more than 30 years of combined experience and a global reputation for excellence, Passive House Canada’s in-house technical team can provide you with the data you need. Whether to help finalize a project design, aid in the building certification process, or simply compiling comprehensive performance data for your components catalogue, our experts will supply fast, reliable 2D or 3D thermal bridge modelling.

Get the energy modelling you need – at any stage

Our expert technicians can provide 2D or 3D modelling at any stage of a building project, providing you assurance that you are meeting your energy budget. Whether at the pre-build design stage or mid- or late- project certification, we can help ensure that your project stays on target and does not run into costly errors.

How it works

Our clients provide us with detailed drawings, including information on all materials. We will review these materials and provide you with a quote before commencing the work.

We then provide you with a report displaying the model and results visually. Detailed calculations are included so that the project certifier (where applicable) can easily track how values were determined. These values include:

  • Psi-value (heat loss through detail)
  • Calculated fRsi value (condensation/moisture risk analysis)

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