Looking for professional support on an upcoming or existing low energy project or product? Passive House Canada’s highly skilled technical experts can help. Find out more about our range of services geared towards manufacturers, housing providers, architects and designers, and more.

Component Evaluation

Whether you are a manufacturer looking to break into the low energy market or simply want to ensure that your clients have the information they need, Passive House Canada has a service geared to you. We offer two distinct pathways for components and systems that cater to the needs of manufacturers and suppliers looking to connect with customers through obtaining low-energy verification or certification.

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Feasibility Studies

With high performance building, good planning and clear pathways for energy budgets are everything. Passive House Canada’s in-house experts can produce a comprehensive feasibility study for your upcoming net-zero new build or retrofit project. With our feasibility studies, you’ll have meaningful direction and information that can help clear hurdles for mid-size, multi-unit and large buildings (Part 3).

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2D/3D Thermal Bridge Modelling

Whether you’re looking for early, mid, or post-construction modelling of your project details as part of your integrated design process, or you need verification support to determine the contribution of your details to your energy budget, Passive House Canada’s highly skilled technical experts offer 2D and 3D thermal bridge modelling and advice to support your project’s goals.

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