Policy Series #5 – The Reference Building Approach

Download this article as a PDF. The “reference building approach” or “% better than” approach to assessing the energy performance of buildings has been used internationally as a code compliance tool to demonstrate the operating energy efficiency of a proposed building is better than it could have been under a base building code. The approach… Read more »

Policy Series #4 – Regulating Excellence

Download this article as a PDF. The first two articles in this series outlined the four imperatives for buildings to mitigate climate change and the level of operating efficiency required to do so. Meeting our commitments under the Paris Accord involves changing our building codes to require highly efficient, low carbon buildings. BC started early… Read more »

Policy Series #3 – Build The Future We Want

Download this article as a PDF. “Build Back Better” and a “Green New Deal” are but two of the labels adopted by governments and citizens to ensure Canadians do not miss the historic opportunity offered by pandemic inspired stimulus spending. With time to reduce emissions running out, we have few other chances to catalyze the… Read more »

Policy Series #2 – Operating Efficiency: What is the Target?

Download this article as a PDF. This is the second in a series of articles by Rob Bernhardt, Advisor Projects and Policy for Passive House Canada. The first article can be read here. Rob has worked with international agencies, national, provincial and local governments in developing building policy. Prior to that he developed and sold… Read more »

Policy Series #1 – The Four Imperatives

Welcome to the first of the Passive House Canada policy backgrounders. These short, focused articles are written to inform a broad audience of the issues relevant to the Canadian building policy landscape. For practitioners they offer solid foundational knowledge. Policy makers will find the analysis of the Canadian regulatory system worthwhile – some will love… Read more »

Policy Series: CEO Introduction

The advancement of public policy and an effective regulatory framework has been at the core of Passive House Canada’s mission since inception.  Our founding members recognized the market transformation we seek can only be achieved in the context of fundamental policy & regulatory reform.  When our founding members first met in 2013, such transformation was… Read more »