Passive House Canada is working with governments across Canada to advocate for the adoption of the Passive House Standard and accelerate the transition to high performance buildings. In the wake of covid-19, we are encouraging government decision makers looking at economic recovery options to invest in the high-performance building sector to stimulate job growth and build industry capacity in both the short and long-term that will also support Canada’s climate goals.

Our current advocacy goals include:

  • Investments in widespread building retrofits
  • Investments in Passive House high performance skills development and training for building industry professionals and trades people for new buildings, retrofits and embodied carbon
  • Accelerate adoption of Passive House level standards in building codes

At the heart of our advocacy, we are working to ensure that policy makers are aware of and understand the standard, including what’s required to achieve it. We are addressing long held misconceptions, as well as issues with procurement and regulation that are currently limiting progress.