Update: The 2020 Speech from the Throne  

Update: The 2020 Speech from the Throne  

Passive House Canada cautiously optimistic following Speech from the Throne 

Passive House Canada CEO, Chris Ballard, made the following statement after the federal government’s Speech from the Throne: 

Today the federal government announced an ambitious and expansive plan for the next two years during its Speech from the Throne.  

Governor General Julie Payette laid out a four-part plan to address the pandemic. Four priority pillars were identified to help Canada “build back better.”  

They include a plan to fight the pandemic and save lives, support for people and business throughout the pandemic, taking stronger climate action to build a more resilient Canada, and standing up for Canadian values such as equality and reconciliation.  

The government has promised a multi-faceted approach to invest in infrastructure nationwide. Investments will go towards energy efficient retrofits, clean energy and technology, skills training and development, and affordable housing. 

The government also said it will bring forward a climate plan that will set more ambitious emissions reductions targets.  

We look forward to examining this plan of action. 

“What does this mean for Passive House Canadaour members and everyone interested in high performance buildings? With energy efficient infrastructure on the top list of priorities, the opportunity is now to advance our call for an improved national building code, investments for Passive House training and certification, an increase Passive House new builds and retrofits, and, ultimately, an increased awareness that Passive House is the best way to build and retrofit 

Not only can this support job creation and economic development, it can also benefit our health, comfort, climate and climate resilience. 

As they say, “the devil is in the details,” and we will be looking for details in the days ahead  as to how these programs will be implemented. 

Passive House Canada will continue to engage with government decision makers to promote and advance the Passive House Standard. 

We will look for opportunities and initiatives so that we can further this mission. 

There is momentum in the market and in governments at all level around the importance of energy efficient infrastructure, and we are going to help take this further to transform both how Canada builds and retrofits.