PHI seeks to determine how the building energy standards compare

The Passive House Institute is in discussion with the U.S. Green Building Council about admitting international Passive House certification as an alternative compliance path to the energy component of LEED certification. If successful, PHI sees this as promoting the international Passive House Standard in North America and globally.

However, to effectively compare the two standards, PHI seeks Passive House buildings that achieve the international Passive House Standard according to PHPP and have parallel verification in HERS, ASHRAE 90.1, or Energuide. The projects needn’t be certified, nor do construction works need to be completed.

Please send the documentation listed below to Zeno Bastian, PHI: [email protected]. All documents will be treated confidentially.

Minimum information needed:

  1. PHPP
  2. Energy model output:
    a.       ASHRAE 90.1
    i.      Summary form, if they’ve done one. See example 90.1-2010 form. The ‘performance_outputs’ tab is what is needed.
    ii.      This would detail the primary energy uses for both the baseline building and the as-designed building.
    iii.      Savings value: savings compared to 90.1 (any version)
    b.      HERS
    i.      HERS Index
    c. Energuide
    i. not yet specified
  3. Number of stories
  4. Optional: Photo of the building, basic design plans (floor plans, elevations, sections)