Advocacy Efforts for Improved Building Regulations Continue

Changing and implementing building regulations takes time, effort and numerous meetings, but Passive House Canada and its members are making overall progress on many advocacy fronts.

CEO Rob Bernhardt and a number of members recently held meetings in Toronto, Ottawa and Victoria with federal and provincial staff and elected officials to advance building regulations in Canada.

On June 9, we co-hosted a round table with the University of Toronto. The event connected the cities of Toronto and Hamilton, the Province of Ontario, the federal government and the UN Economic Commission for Europe with Ontario post-secondary institutions and social-housing agencies to advance building energy efficiency and high-performance building standards.

An important component of achieving the goals we are aiming for is being able to draw on relevant research and evidence to support proposed regulations. Our members frequently come forward with research proposals to address issues they are facing. We are happy to support applications for relevant research funding applications and offer advice on potential funding sources or related projects currently underway.

If you have a proposal for a research project that will help generate the data and evidence needed to advance changes in building regulations across Canada, contact our office.

Making high-performance buildings the norm requires sustained effort on many fronts.