Senior Manager Letter – Welcome to Spring/Summer 2023

Welcome to Spring/Summer 2023

A letter from PHC Senior Manager, Luiz Bezerra

Luiz Bezerra

Senior Manager – Luiz Bezerra

Spring is in the air and the building season is upon us! I’m delighted to share with you today the Passive House Canada education catalogue for the 2023 Spring/Summer sessions.

This year, we’re going about things a little differently. We have been expanding our inperson Pathway to Certification for Tradespeople offerings, for instance. As building professionals ourselves, we feel strongly that the best way to learn how to build high performance projects quickly, efficiently, and correctly is by working directly with the materials and components that builders will face on the job. For these courses, we have an incredible roster of highly trained professionals who have spent years delivering high performance buildings. Learners in these courses will also have opportunities to develop hands-on experience with PHI-certified materials that they will encounter on the job site.

Coming in April, we are delighted to unveil two new seal accreditation courses. The first, the Site Supervisor course, will extend the skills and knowledge of those who will be building and delivering complex and large residential and non-residential Passive House (or EnerPHIT) sites. Individuals who pass this 15-hour, 20 PHI-credit course will be eligible for add-on certification from PHI for their Passive House Tradesperson certification.

The Construction Verifier course extends skills and competencies surrounding both the building as well as the verification of large and multi-rise Passive House and EnerPHIT buildings. With a 30-hour, 40-PHI credit course, those who successfully pass the course will receive from the Passive House Institute an additional seal for their CPHC/D. You’ll find more information on these courses in the catalogue.

With two new membership tiers, Passive House Canada will be building a vibrant new community base. Students in accredited programs will receive an annual membership price of $50 per year. In recognition of how difficult it can be to afford professional membership and education, we have also created an affordable pathway for those who have just graduated. Recent grads now will be eligible for one free year of Passive House Canada membership, giving these young professionals access to one of the best community forums for learning and professional growth in Canada. We hope you’ll spread the word amongst your colleagues.

Passive House Canada is only as strong as its community. With lifelong learners like you, dedicated to ensuring that high performance, low carbon building becomes the norm in Canada and beyond, our future looks brighter, indeed.

Happy learning,

Luiz Bezerra, Senior Manager

Passive House Canada