Seminar series @ BUILDEX Calgary explores the latest developments in Passive House

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November 1, 2017

VICTORIA – Passive House Canada and members of Alberta’s construction community present the latest developments in high-performance buildings at BUILDEX Calgary, November 8–9.

Designers, builders and high-performance building experts present their findings and experiences in working on Passive House projects, from the first Passive House buildings in Calgary to northern-climate institutional buildings, affordable housing and modular construction.

The buildings showcased align with the goals of BuildSmart, Canada’s new building strategy, which aims to make high-performance, energy-efficient buildings the norm by 2030.

“With building codes changing to require greater energy efficiency, it’s important industry understand the benefits and requirements in designing and constructing high-performance buildings,” says Passive House Canada CEO Rob Bernhardt, one of the presenters at BUILDEX. “Industry leaders from across the region have come together at BUILDEX Calgary to share their knowledge and experience with Calgary’s building community.”

High-performance buildings use up to 90 per cent less energy, require little maintenance, and are comfortable and quiet regardless of the weather outside. Passive House buildings are the most energy-efficient of the high-performance buildings. The Passive House Standard is recognized internationally as the proven best way to build for comfort, affordability and energy efficiency of residential, institutional and commercial buildings through all stages of design, construction and liveability.

The Passive House seminars at BUILDEX Calgary include:

  • A Primer on High Performance: Passive House buildings
  • Passive House Barriers Removed: experience from some of Calgary’s first Passive Houses
  • Northern-Climate Passive House Institutional Building: Valleyview Town Hall
  • Living and Learning Passive House Style: architectural and engineering solutions for high-performance buildings
  • An Affordable Reality: bringing Passive House to Yale First Nation

The five seminars are presented by Passive House Canada.

Dozens of high-performance buildings have been proposed for construction in Alberta. They include single-family and multi-unit homes, and commercial, institutional and mixed-use buildings.

About Passive House Canada

Passive House Canada is a national non-profit professional association advocating for the Passive House high-performance building standard and working to educate and train professionals in the building industry. It offers dozens of courses across Canada every year, including in Calgary.

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Passive House seminars BUILDEX Calgary info package

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