MEMBER SPOTLIGHT – Q&A with Daniel Smith of Centrotherm Ecosystems


Centrotherm Ecosystems recently joined Passive House Canada as a new member. Established in 2009, Centrotherm is committed to developing and manufacturing sustainable products for the plumbing, heating, and building products markets.

We spoke to Daniel Smith, Regional Sales Manager (Canada) of Centrotherm Eco Systems, to learn more about their product, AIR EXCELLENT, and why it was important for them to become a part of the Passive House community. According to Centrotherm, AIR EXCELLENT is the most precise air distribution system available, and the InnoFlue brand of polypropylene special gas vent systems.


Please tell us about Centrotherm and what are some of the key initiatives you are working on both in Canada and in other markets?

Centrotherm provides intelligent building solutions and a thought leader in the HVAC and air distribution industries. Along with our ULCS636 listed special gas vent system (InnoFlue), AIR EXCELLENT represents the continued focus on building better.


Can you describe what Air Excellent is?

AIR EXCELLENT is the new Engineered air management system from Centrotherm. It’s a highly customizable system that delivers precisely configured air exchanges to each room of the house while remaining lightweight and installing quickly/easily. By using AIR EXCELLENT’s companion software, our engineers can calculate air flow and configure the system to meet the necessary air exchanges while also creating improving indoor air quality.


Is this new technology? Does it cost more?

AIR EXCELLENT has thousands of successful installations throughout Europe, but is new technology to Canada. Cost wise, it’s not uncommon to see AIR EXCELLENT pricing match or beat old methods of air distribution on material cost, and when you factor in labor savings, it’s definitely the lower cost option.


What are some of the health benefits of Air Excellent?

First, AIR EXCELLENT is anti-microbial and resistant to dust. The system is set up to remove stale air from the wet rooms, and the flexible liner is actually smooth on the inside, so no particulates or dust get caught in the ductwork. Indoor air quality is so important, especially today, and AIR EXCELLENT provides a highly precise, draft-free air directly from the HRV or ERV system.


What building typologies are best suited for this product?

There aren’t too many limitations on AIR EXCELLENT – it has been used successfully in light commercial spaces and small residences alike.


Please tell us how you see your product working with Passive House projects?

AIR EXCELLENT fits in nicely with the mission of Passive House and their projects. Houses are being built tighter and tighter, so ventilation is becoming an increasingly important consideration. The system, combined with the precision of the AIR EXCELLENT configurator guarantees precise supply and return air, creating the most comfortable and energy efficient air ducting environment possible – with the cleanest air.


To learn more about Centrotherm’s  thoughts with respect to the health and environmental benefits of a fully dedicated system vs a partially dedicated system, please go here.