Passive House Canada recognized as a Centre of Excellence by the United Nations



(Victoria, B.C.  – Oct. 6, 2022) The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), through its high performance buildings initiative, has recognized Passive House Canada as an International Centre of Excellence.  

 The distinction has been conferred on just 10 high performance building organizations globally, a list that includes Passive House Trust (UK), the High Performance Building Alliance (Ireland), EnEffect (Bulgaria), and Passivhaus Maine (USA). An additional 14 organizations are currently under consideration to join this list.  

The Centre of Excellence designation award organizations that commit to a level of excellence in providing implementation-oriented education and assistance to building developers, contractors, architects, engineers, and regulatory and planning officials; as well as providing community-centric knowledge development and sharing, connecting with resources and accelerating the uptake of high-performance buildings. 

“I am profoundly grateful to the UNECE (which also covers North America) for this great honour. Passive House Canada has worked hard to provide superior educational programming in high performance buildings and has worked equally hard to create the conditions by which Passive House becomes not the exception in our built environment, but the norm,” says Passive House Canada CEO, Chris Ballard.  

Passive House Canada operates one of the largest high performance building education programs in North America. With its Annual Conference and symposia, as well as its direct advocacy across Canada and beyond, Passive House Canada is committed to helping Canadians mitigate, reverse, and adapt to the devastating effects of climate change through the Passive House building standard, recognized by the UN as the most energy efficient building standard in the world.  

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