Update from the CEO

May 8, 2020

I hope you and your loved ones are safe during this pandemic. As we head into the 2020 construction season, each province of Canada seems to be operating with different rules, reflecting different circumstances and philosophies of how best to stop a second wave of COVID-19, all balanced against the need to get the economy going.

We are interested in how the federal government plans to restart the Canadian economy through a much talked about strategic investments. We are heartened that three senior Cabinet Ministers are tasked with created a plan.

Here at Passive House Canada, we offer both federal and provincial governments one piece of advice: invest those stimulus dollars in the deep-energy retrofit of aging buildings across our country – they are a great source of GHG pollution. Yes, we need to ensure all new builds are to Passive House standards, but we really need government putting serious money into immediately retrofitting older buildings to EnerPHit standards.

Imagine how GHG emissions would drop as thousands of homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and government buildings begin using up to 70 per cent less energy than they currently do. Imagine the GHG reductions if many were to use carbon-free electricity as their source of energy.

Retrofitting and building to Passive House standards also means homes that are healthy, comfortable and resilient. Resilient buildings are needed as we face the looming climate crisis. Mandating resilient buildings means quickly improving building standards and ensuring old buildings are quickly retrofitted to the highest standards possible. That means Passive House buildings.

Investing in a rigorous high-performance building retrofit plan would put thousands of Canadians to work, stimulate Canada’s building materials and natural resources industries, and go a long way in helping us meet our GHG reduction targets.

A significant national investment in Passive House buildings and retrofits would help prepare Canada for a new, green economy.

Back in November a UN report said Canada is set to miss its 2030 emissions target by 15 per cent. We contend the only way Canada will get anywhere near to meeting these targets is by focusing on “the low-hanging fruit” – namely retrofitting thousands of aging and inefficient buildings across this country.

Passive House Canada is available to help all levels of government across Canada meet their greenhouse gas emission reduction targets through better building standards. We’re just a Zoom call away.