We are committed to expanding knowledge and skills of the Passive House Standard through all our educational offerings. We also know that some of our most motivated and engaged learners need financial support to benefit from taking our courses. Thanks to the generosity of the Randy Proven Zero Carbon Award, we are now able to support learners through this award.

Randy Proven leaves a legacy of enthusiasm for saving the planet from climate catastrophe.

His passion, coupled with his background as a carpenter, led him to research and experiment with different building practices over 40 years. The result of Randy’s ingenuity is a construction system that drastically reduces carbon emissions from buildings in two ways, one by designing highly energy efficient building envelopes using Passive House construction techniques, and two by incorporating building materials that have low embodied energy, and which sequester carbon during their useful lifetime.

Criteria (in order of importance):

  • Has demonstrated financial need
  • Has evidence of community involvement (two letters of recommendation by non-family members)
  • If applicable, scholastic record showing academic standing of at least (75%) percent
  • Has declared Indigenous heritage on application (Metis, First Nations, Inuit)


  1. Is enrolled in any course (with the exception of the one-day introductory course and the webinar courses) through Passive House Canada
  2. Must be 18 years of age or over
  3. Must be a permanent resident of Manitoba
  4. This Bursary may be awarded to the same applicant more than once but not in consecutive years



The application period for 2020 has been extended. Application deadline is December 31st, 2020.

Enrollment in any online course including the Pathway to Certification online series and any of the master’s classes being offered online (with the exception of the one-day introductory course) through Passive House Canada are applicable. May use excess award funding for supplemental webinars.

The winner is chosen by an esteemed panel of Passive House industry professionals.