Project Specs

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan
Climate Zone: Cold
Building Type: Institutional
Project Phase: Under Construction
Certification Type: Low Energy Building
Year of Construction: 2018
Gross Floor Area (m2): 2650
Treated Floor Area (m2): 1872
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Project Description

This new 2650 m² (28 500 sq ft) 4-storey facility will house an emergency shelter for 24 men, soup kitchen, free clothing store, daycare, and 17 low-income residential units.

Exterior wall R40 – 200mm (8”) Semi-rigid Mineral Wool Insulation (Roxul) with thermal clips (Cascadia Clips) clad in brick, metal and composite

Roof R80 – 50mm (2”) Rigid Mineral Wool (Roxul) + 300mm (12”) Polyisocyanurate Insulation

Basement Floor R20 – 100mm (4”) Rigid Insulation

Windows R6 – Triple-pane, Argon filled, Low-E, high solar heat gain coefficient 56%, insulated fibreglass frames Duxton 328 (made in Winnipeg)

Building envelope commissioning, including pre-drywall airtightness testing and leak detection, will be completed by Integral Building Envelope Services.



  • Continuous fresh air provided to all spaces and suites.
  • Balanced, continuous exhaust from bathrooms and kitchens.
  • 90% ventilation heat recovery efficiency with Tempeff dual core air handling unit (made in Winnipeg)
  • One unit provides all ventilation for the building, reducing maintenance.
  • Most windows are operable and can provide natural ventilation when conditions allow.
  • Soup kitchen range hood is demand controlled with variable speed fans to ventilate only as required, saving fan energy and make up air heating energy.

Heating and Cooling

  • Heating on main floor, second floor volunteer area, third floor and basement is provided by 2 high efficiency, variable speed, multi-zone gas furnaces (Carrier Infinity)
  • Cooling in these spaces is provided by air-conditioning installed in the furnaces. The roof-top air conditioning condensing units are heat-pump models that can offset gas heating through electric means.
  • Primary heating for the suites is provided by 2 gas duct furnaces (Airedale) mounted in the fresh air supply ductwork. Each suite has independent temperature control through a second stage electric duct heater in the suite.
  • Due to the level of insulation and airtightness of the building the mechanical system was simplified from a hot water boiler system with perimeter wall-fin heating to the current design. This offered a savings to the project of approximately $180,000. The costs of the envelope upgrades (insulation, airtightness, windows) were also found to be $180,000. This approach provides an exceptional, high performance building for no cost premium.

Domestic Hot Water

  • Domestic hot water is provided by two high efficiency gas hot water heaters (AO Smith)
  • Drain water heat recovery (Powerpipe) is used to recover waste heat from showers and preheat incoming cold water, saving energy and increasing the capacity of the hot water heaters.


  • A 30 kilowatt (100 panel) solar array will be installed on the 4th floor roof (Macksun).