Radiance Cohousing

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Building Type: Multi-Unit Residential
Project Phase: Under Construction
Certification Type: Targeting Certification
Year of Construction: 2017
Gross Floor Area (m2): 749
PHPP Verification: Download

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Project Description

Radiance Cohousing is a friendly, green community located in the heart of the Canadian prairies. The nine-unit townhouse development is currently under construction, with completion anticipated for winter 2018.

The project uses a cohousing (“collaborative housing”) development approach, is designed to meet Passive House building standards, and incorporates sustainable landscaping techniques. By combining cohousing with environmental design, this project will showcase what’s possible in terms of sustainable infill housing in cold-climate, urban settings.

While this project is about creating quality homes that respond to a changing climate and build community, it is also about helping pave the way for other similar housing projects, influencing policy, and encouraging our leaders to make decisions that will benefit where we live, work, and play.