Project Specs

Location: Lac Supérieur, Quebec
Building Type: Single Family Residential
Project Phase: Under Construction
Certification Type: Low Energy Building
Year of Construction: 2021
Gross Floor Area (m2): 368

Project Description

NORRA HEM was designed according to Passive House construction standards, the primary objective of which is to achieve high levels of energy efficiency while ensuring the health & comfort of its occupants. The construction details ensure, among other things, the tightness of the building envelope, the elimination of thermal breaks and continuous and circular ventilation.
The house will be built in a double wood frame, erected on an over-insulated monolithic slab. It has two floors above ground which have been designed to increase solar gains despite the typography of the land which is located below a mountainous area.

The materials have been carefully selected so that the building merges with the ecosystem that surrounds it: conifers, rocks and deciduous trees while favoring local sourcing.

The natural larch exterior cladding testifies to an organic continuity with the forest. Unlike many other species, Larch is very resistant to decay and does not require chemical treatment. Known for its durability, wood changes color over time and takes on a silvery gray tone. The interior mainly highlights the white oak coating. The openings to the outside make it possible to be in harmony with the surrounding biodiversity, while respecting the north-south orientation constraints. All windows are PHI certified & assembled in Quebec.

This project is a self-build project developed by PSB proud member of Passive House Canada & CaGBC.