Project Specs

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Building Type: Multi-Unit Residential
Project Phase: Under Construction
Certification Type: None
Year of Construction: 2017
Gross Floor Area (m2): 220

Project Description

Lancaster Passive House is an infill project in the Montgomery area of Saskatoon.  This project is designed to be a low-energy Passive House building modeled to use 26 kWh/m2 annually.

The house is a two-unit building with a large 1650 sq ft lower area. All the energy required for this build is electric, with a proposed 10.4 Kw solar PV system to generate most of the demand.  Certified PH windows will be installed along with a Certified ERV system by Zehnder.

Situated on a corner lot in this well-treed neighbourhood, this house will capture the attention of any passer-by.