The Green Point Project

Location: Duncan, BC, British Columbia
Building Type: Single Family Residential
Project Phase: In Design
Certification Type: Targeting Certification
Year of Construction: 2018
Gross Floor Area (m2): 232
PHPP Verification:

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Project Description

A sustainable, deep green single family residential new construction project that strives to attain:

Passive House Certification
Living Building Challenge Certification
Green Shores Certification

Inspired by the natural beauty and history of the land, the purpose of the Green Point Project is to rejuvenate the ecosystem, respect the archeological history and create a highly sustainable 2,500 s.f. residence that produces all of its’ energy on site and is constructed of non-toxic, natural and salvaged materials. The project is an exploration into creating a sustainable place that promotes health and wellness by connecting to its natural surroundings and respecting the history of the site.


To create a sustainable, healthy and inspiring residence that exists in harmony with the environment and helps to regenerate the surrounding eco-system and natural habitat.


The form and Architecture of the residence is inspired by local industrial and historical coastal building types in the Cowichan area.  Use of salvaged and repurposed materials will be a strong focus of the project as well as using natural and local materials.

Existing Site Conditions:

The existing building is situated on a sensitive marine shoreline within the 30m setback on already disturbed soil.  The Site fronts onto Cowichan Bay to the south and the estuary to the east. It is surrounded by a mature Garry Oak preserve forest to the north and west. The site is also a provincial archeological site at the foot of Mount Tzouhalem.

The existing residence Hazardous materials report indicated the presence of toxic materials such as asbestos, lead and vermiculite.


To respect the natural and archeological setting by reconstructing a new single family residence with a smaller footprint on the existing foundations TO THE HIGHEST SUSTAINABLE CERTIFICATIONS IN THE WORLD by:

  • Rebuilding a new smaller home on the existing location.
  • Salvaging as much reusable material from the existing residence.
  • Recycle, reuse and donate most of the material before demolition.
  • Rebuild a smaller square foot two story sustainable residence on the existing foundations using new and salvaged building materials.
  • New foot print: 1250 s.f. (Total s.f. of residence 2500) Previous footprint: 2000 s.f. (Total s.f. of previous residence 4000) The residence will produce all its’ own energy on site and consist of healthy/non-toxic materials (Net Zero Energy)

Certifications targeted:

  • Passive House
  • Living Building Challenge
  • Zero Energy
  • Green Shores program


It is our hope that this project will help influence and inspire the industry, local and international communities to build and live in more sustainable buildings and to contribute to stopping climate change.