Project Specs

Location: Victoria, British Columbia
Climate Zone: Cool-Temperate
Building Type: Single Family Residential
Project Phase: Certified
Certification Type: Passive House Classic
Year of Construction: 2022
Gross Floor Area (m2): 253
Treated Floor Area (m2): 192.5

Project Description

The Gabion house is designed for today and tomorrow. This single-family custom home features a post-disaster structural system, is designed to Passive House standards and will be Living Building Challenge Petal certified.

The house is placed in the northeast corner to retain as much of the Gerry Oak meadows as possible. Two principal gabion walls create thresholds and boundaries within the house and the site. The one-level home is designed to enable ageing in place and is appropriate for the sight-impaired owner.

Thermal Envelope

Exterior Wall: Double wall system (inside to outside)
Gypsum board
2x6 studs / fiberglass batt insulation
Plywood sheathing
Blown cellulose insulation cavity (368 mm)
2x4 studs / blown cellulose insulation
Rainscreen cladding
Basement Floor/Floor Slab: Truss floor over unheated basement (inside to outside)
Hardwood flooring
Plywood subfloor
Open web wood truss - (711 mm deep) w/ blown cellulose insulation
U-value = 0.055 W/(m2K)
Roof: Truss roof (inside to outside)
Gypsum board
Service cavity - wood strapping with fiberglass batt
Plywood sheathing
Open web wood truss - (711 mm deep) w/ blown cellulose insulation
Vented roof cavity above
U-value = 0.051 W/(m2K)
Window: 2 window manufacturers:
Cascadia Windows & Doors, Cascadia Universal Series PH
Wescon Cedar Products Ltd., 106mm Wood Window (Fenstur)

Mechanical System

Ventilation: Zehnder, ComforAir Q350 TR HRV
Heating/Cooling: Daikin 2 Port, 1.5 Ton Outdoor heat pump with two 1-Ton wall mounted indoor unit
Domestic Hot Water: Rheem Professional Prestige ProTerra Hybrid electric - 80 US Gallon