Endymion Guesthouse

Location: Prince Edward County, Ontario
Building Type: Multi-Unit Residential
Project Phase: Under Construction
Certification Type: Targeting Certification
Year of Construction: 2019
Gross Floor Area (m2): 310
PHPP Verification:

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Project Description

Endymion is a 3,400 sq.ft. multi-generational house, that will enable four families to occupy the house at one time. Since it was a new building on a 3.5 acre site, we had the freedom to select prime south-facing orientation and choose an efficient and simple form.

We were also able to select an idyllic placement for the house so that it can be easily heated by the sun in the winter and efficiently shaded in the summer. It resulted in an elegant, rectangular three-level house. The upper two floors face south over lavender gardens, while the lowest floors face both east and west and open to private courtyards.

Endymion is designed to be an R43eff Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) structure with large-format porcelain ceramic tile cladding. Windows and doors are triple glazed, and the house is ventilated by two Energy Recovery Ventilation (Jablotron Futura ERV) units. Heating, when required, will be provided by two thermostatically controlled electric fireplaces.

Walls are typically 500mm thick and the south facing wall has been framed out to 1M to allow a sculpting out of deeply recessed windows to achieve shading without resorting to applied sunshades.