Project Specs

Location: Prince Edward, Ontario
Building Type: Multi-Unit Residential
Project Phase: In Design
Certification Type: None
Year of Construction: 2020
Gross Floor Area (m2): 310

Project Description

Endymion is a 3,740 sq.ft. multi-generational house, that will enable four families to occupy the house at one time. Since it was a new building on a four-acre site, we had the freedom to select prime south-facing orientation and choose an efficient and simple form. The result is a long, rectangular house with three floor levels. The upper two floors face south over the lavender gardens and the lowest floors face east and west to private courtyards.

Endymion sits on an insulated Legalett (concrete) Slab and is designed as an R43 ICF (by Foxblocks) concrete structure with large format porcelain ceramic tile (Laminam) cladding. Windows and doors are triple glazed by Cascadia Windows and the house is ventilated by two Jablotron Futura ERV systems.

Heating or cooling, when required, is provided by two Mitsubishi mini-split heat pump systems. Walls are typically 500mm thick and the south facing wall has been framed out to 1M to allow a sculpting out of deeply recessed windows to achieve shading without resorting to applied sunshades.

Recognizing the shortage of experienced local passive house contractors, KMAI designed the building to include a fully concrete building enclosure, mitigating any potential risks. Dubbed “Passive House for Dummies”. All floors, walls and roof are concrete and heavily insulated. It is difficult to accidentally puncture the building’s air seal when it is a 12″ reinforced concrete wall.

With a small footprint, Endymion relies on the sun to supply most of the heating, therefore siting, orientation and window placements were vital to the success of this project as a passive house. It offers enhanced physical comfort, free from draughts and noise. Endymion will use approximately 90% less thermal energy than a conventional Ontario Building Code compliant residence.

The Endymion Guesthouse is the second in a series of Passive House and Health (PH+H) laboratory projects for KMAI and the client.