Project Specs

Location: Burnaby, British Columbia
Climate Zone: Cool-Temperate
Building Type: Single Family Residential
Project Phase: Completed
Certification Type: Passive House Classic
Year of Construction: 2021

Project Description

2 storey single family home with attached garage. Will be the first certified passive house in Burnaby BC.

Thermal Envelope

Exterior Wall: Double stud w fg batt.
Basement Floor/Floor Slab: Slab over 12" GPS foam
Roof: Truss with 24" fg batt.
Window: Vetta E-92, and CAL entry door

Mechanical System

Ventilation: Alnor Premuair HRV
Heating/Cooling: Ducted Mini-split, along with electrical floor warming in tile areas
Domestic Hot Water: Sanden CO2 heat pump