Project Specs

Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia
Building Type: Single Family Residential
Project Phase: In Design
Certification Type: None
Year of Construction: 2018
Gross Floor Area (m2): 240
Treated Floor Area (m2): 306

Project Description

The design team at Marken D+C is currently finalizing the building permit submission  for this innovative Zero Energy Residence in North Vancouver, Canada. Variance Permit has already been approved on the height and FSR relaxation, given that it will be built to Passive House Standards taking full advantage of the sustainability incentive offered by the municipality.

The modern west coast themed design aims to meet the 2nd highest  Passive House category – Passive House PLUS – producing almost as much energy via Photovoltaic energy production than the building uses over the year. Also, excess energy produced will be stored in Tesla’s powerwall battery  and fed back into the electric grid. Later, when the PV panels aren’t producing enough electricity, the homeowner can use the electricity stored in the battery instead of having to buy it from the utility, plus this system provides back up power in the case of a power outage.

Thermal Envelope

Exterior Wall: Gypsum Wall: 0.250 - 13mm
2x6 Stud Wallw Rockwool R24: 0.034 - 140mm
Plywood Sheathing: 0.130 - 16mm
Rockwool Comfoboard: 0.034 - 127 mm
U-value = 0.133 W/(m2K)
Basement Floor/Floor Slab: Finish - Flooring: 0.130 - 10mm
Rigid underlayment: 0.032 - 30mm
Concrete Slab: 2.10 - 102mm
EPS: 0.032 - 254mm
U-value = 0.109 W/(m2K)
Roof: Gypsum Board: 0.250 - 13mm
TJI Truss System w Rockwool R24: 0.034 - 310mm
Plywood Sheathing: 0.130 - 16mm
EPS T4 : 0.029 - 127mm
Protection Board: 0.130 - 16mm
U-value = 0.076 W/(m2K)
Window: Glas Troesch
U g-value = 0.5 W/(m2K)
g -value = 60 %

Mechanical System

Ventilation: Zehnder, ComfoAirQ350
The ComfoAir (CA) 350 ventilation unit was specially developed for use in
residential and commercial buildings with high ventilation demand. The CA 350 ventilation unit moves 218 cfm of air at an external pressure of 0.80" wc
Heating/Cooling: Air-to-air Heat Pump - Mitsubishi - Ducted
Domestic Hot Water: Heat Pump Hot Water Heater