Project Specs

Location: Sandy Hook, Manitoba
Building Type: Single Family Residential
Certification Type: None
Year of Construction: 2016

Project Description

First home to be built to the Passive House Standard in Manitoba. The site location, orientation, construction materials, and best building science practices for insulation and air sealing were taken into account during the planning and construction of this home. Solar panels were added to make this home net zero.

Key features: Plywood vapor barrier, exposed plywood ceiling, locally sourced limestone window sills with hydronic heating.

Materials: Duxton Windows and Doors supplied high-performance fiberglass frames for low U-values, long-term durability, and passive solar gain on the large south-facing windows, QUAD-pane glass on the north-facing elevation, and QUAD-pane glass on the entrance door, including a double set of entry doors for best air-tightness; 7/8-in. corrugated, 29 ga. Galvalume roof and wall cladding, heat recovery ventilator and components from Pinwheel Building Supplies, mineral wool and cellulose insulation.

Challenges: educating people to get approval to build a home without heating in Manitoba.