696 E64th Ave Passive House

Number of dwellings: 37 units Occupancy: Standard Utilization Pattern: residential dwelling / commercial retail Primary Energy Verification: Primary Energy Renewable (PER) The site consists of four lots on the north end of the block on the west side of Fraser between 64th and 65th Avenue.  The total site is 100’ deep and 125’ long.  It… Read more »

Marpole Passive House

Located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, this single family Passive House takes advantage of excellent southern orientation overlooking the banks of the Fraser valley. It is strategically located near bicycle lanes, rapid transit, and various community amenities. Combining proven construction techniques, locally sourced materials, and high performance mechanical systems; the design of the Sy Residence… Read more »

Vancouver Fire Hall 17

The new Vancouver Fire Hall 17 will be the second largest training fire hall for VFRS, and specialize in HazMat response for the city. The complex requirements of such a facility led the team to divide the building into two separately certifiable Passive House zones: Zone A (living areas) running at 20 degrees and Zone… Read more »