Dunvegan Halifax Passive House

A seamless blend of elegance and efficiency. Designed with a suburban lot in mind, this home combines the curb appeal of early 20th century homes with the most advanced energy performance and building assemblies designed for Canadian winters. With the total heating bill estimated at $250/year, this building is capable of exceeding the strict Passive… Read more »

The Reach Guesthouse

This project was a systematic combination of ‘archaeological’ discovery, preservation, encapsulation and architectural re-interpretation. The original building was reduced to its barest hand hewn wooden structure, meticulously cleaned and sealed inside an airtight skin. A new jacket of R43eff Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) based insulation was added to the walls and roof. One of the… Read more »

Cairns Creekside Passive House

Cairns Creekside is a charming modern farmhouse in Langley, British Columbia. The 2-storey multigenerational home is an impressive example of efficiency in design and energy. Designed by DOS Design Group (formerly Draft On Site Services), the simple and charming modern farmhouse will house two families. As a result, the homeowners prioritized space functionality, overall comfort… Read more »

Jameson High Performance

128 Jameson High Performance is designed to be a zero energy home based off Passive House principles. PHPP was modelled to include the garage. The walls are 2×6 split wall assembly with 5/8″ plywood air barrier and 8″ of EPS foam strapped for siding (R-49). The floor is a 6″ structural slab with 6″ of… Read more »

The Affinity House CedarValley Passive House

The Affinity House is in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. The 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, main floor master bedroom, extra large garage, expansive great room bungaloft is built for a young-minded, active, retired couple who is not ready for condo living. Insulated, engineered wall panels are made by Quantum Passivhaus and assembled on site. Continuous fresh air… Read more »

Capilano Passive House PLUS

The design team at Marken D+C is currently finalizing the building permit submission  for this innovative Zero Energy Residence in North Vancouver, Canada. Variance Permit has already been approved on the height and FSR relaxation, given that it will be built to Passive House Standards taking full advantage of the sustainability incentive offered by the… Read more »

GC Residence Passive House

Designed to intelligently push creative design boundaries and produce a comfortable, quiet, and resilient house without compromise, the building maximizes performance and efficiency, whilst minimizing maintenance and cost. Its design incorporates large North and South facing glazing areas to create a seamless connection to the outside, and thick opaque East and West walls to conceal… Read more »

LV Residence Passive House

Designed and built by VictorEric Premium Homes, this custom single-family house is situated on a southeast corner site in the Westside of Vancouver, British Columbia. It combines great design, Passive House indoor air quality, and high energy efficiency. Atop a basement level and two storeys, the roof deck captures the beautiful views of the Northshore… Read more »

Vranakis Passive House

Siu Architecture Inc. is providing full architectural services including passive house design and PHPP energy model on this innovative home for the family of Steve Vranakis, Senior Executive Creative Director at Google Labs and President at D&AD. The design intent pushes the limits of passive house constructability by seeking beauty in an iconic form for… Read more »