Dunvegan Halifax Passive House

A seamless blend of elegance and efficiency. Designed with a suburban lot in mind, this home combines the curb appeal of early 20th century homes with the most advanced energy performance and building assemblies designed for Canadian winters. With the total heating bill estimated at $250/year, this building is capable of exceeding the strict Passive… Read more »

The Reach Guesthouse

This project was a systematic combination of ‘archaeological’ discovery, preservation, encapsulation and architectural re-interpretation. The original building was reduced to its barest hand hewn wooden structure, meticulously cleaned and sealed inside an airtight skin. A new jacket of R43eff Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) based insulation was added to the walls and roof. One of the… Read more »

Pretty River Passive House

Constructing a 2500-sq-ft  two-storey contemporary Passive House attached to an existing cedar shingle loghouse and a new garage via breezeways in the Collingwood area north of  Toronto. We are attempting to use conventional framing methods with advanced insulation products to comply with Passive House criteria. The structural walls are 2 x 8 x 24″ centres… Read more »