2022 Passive House Canada’s Prefab Symposium “On the Rise”

Presented in a virtual setting on September 21 – 23, 2022

In the rapidly evolving world of sustainable construction, prefabrication or offsite construction is becoming one of the pre-eminent strategies to save on time, waste, and the environment. For us to collectively achieve our carbon emissions targets towards net-zero construction, and as building codes shift, prefab will be key in new construction and deep energy retrofits, allowing for highly-productive, economical projects at scale across Canada.

Whether you are a design professional, building scientist, contractor, developer, government official, or financial decision-maker, Passive House Canada’s Prefab Symposium will provide case studies and best practices across Canada, and share how you can integrate an innovative prefab strategy into your core business practices.


Our contest on Twitter and Instagram for a chance to win free entry to the Prefab Symposium along with a $200 course credit is now closed! Thank you to all who participated!  See contest details here.

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