Become a Certified Passive House Professional

Passive House certification ensures that you or your organization are expertly qualified to design high performance, highly efficient buildings to meet Canada’s national green building strategy.

We are on an exciting path forward toward a better, more sustainable future. Timing could not be better to mitigate climate change as people, cities and governments are looking for more resilient, healthier, affordable, low energy buildings to live and work in.
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What is the Pathway to Designer/Consultant Certification?

The Pathway to Certification is the perfect combination of three courses:

Our Pathway to Certification has proven to be the most effective program to get participants ready to pass this challenging exam.

Our Pathway to Certification program will not only provide substantial savings, (special member pricing for this bundle is $2416, a savings of over $900) but it has also provided its participants with a passing rate of over 90%. This course series is taught by the best Passive House instructors in North America.

Recommended for:

The 120 series is for building industry professionals and individuals who are going to be involved in the design and construction of Passive House buildings or EnerPHit (retrofit) projects, including: architects, engineers, design professionals, site supervisors, general contractors, building inspectors, city planners, investors and suppliers of high performance building materials.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • The building science and energy use, overview of Passive House principles
  • In-depth look at insulation and air tightness design and construction techniques
  • Thermal bridging principles, elimination of thermal bridges through better design and construction
  • The fundamentals of PHPP, treated floor areas and U-values for assemblies
  • What are heat loss areas and thermal bridging calculations
  • How to do ground calculations and energy implications

Haley Zhou,
Diamond Schmitt Architects

"120A at PHC involves world-class PH actors, now Canadian leaders in green building. Several case analysis on real-life projects (mega to single family house) bring the greatest value in the learning curve as a student."

PSB Construction

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Get all the training you need to become Passive House Certified from the comfort of your own home.


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Passive House Construction and Design (120A)

Non-members: $1600

Members: $1440


Understanding and Working with PHPP (120B)

Non-members: $1200

Members: $1080


Preparation for Designer/Consultant Exam (120C)

Non-members: $550

Members: $495