Passive House Canada awarded TAF Grant to help municipalities reduce building emissions and reach climate targets


 For Immediate Release: June 4, 2020 

TORONTO, Ontario  \ Passive House Canada is developing a concept for a Zero Emissions Buildings Exchange for municipalities, businesses and the public in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). With a $40,000 grant from the Atmospheric Fund to develop a comprehensive concept and business plan, this work will enable all stakeholders to achieve significant building greenhouse gas emission reduction and achieve their climate targets. The business plan will be developed in collaboration with the Clean Air Partnership and the Canadian Green Building Council, with input from municipalities, educational institutions, unions, NGOs and others to create a concept that is widely supported by both industry and government.

Local governments and businesses in the GTHA have adopted ambitious targets aligning with national and international goals to reduce GHG emissions. Maximizing building energy efficiency has been widely identified as among the easiest and cheapest mitigation strategies available, and one that delivers multiple benefits. When combined with a transition to renewable energy, modernized building and retrofit standards can greatly reduce carbon. This concept builds on the success of similar proven initiatives in other jurisdictions.


Cities around the globe produce 70% of our GHG emissions. In Toronto, 53% of these emissions come from buildings. Regions like the GTHA have a critical role in reducing GHG emissions. With continued population growth and densification in the region, we recognize the central role that buildings play in our climate mitigation and adaptation strategies.

— Chris Ballard, CEO, Passive House Canada

Getting to zero carbon buildings requires a trained workforce and collaboration between green building professionals and municipalities. Leveraging its success in BC, TAF champions the development of the Zero Emissions Building Exchange in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area.

— Julia Langer, CEO, The Atmospheric Fund


About Passive House Canada: Passive House Canada is the national voice for advocating the International Passive House, high performance building standard across Canada. Passive House is recognized as the proven best way to build for health, comfort, affordability and energy efficiency of residential, institutional and commercial buildings, through all stages of design, construction, and livability.

It is at the foundation of how we build better. It is how we feel better.

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