Partnership brings high-performance building education to northeastern B.C.

VICTORIA – A partnership between industry groups, municipalities and First Nations is bringing outreach and education about high-performance buildings to northeastern B.C. communities.

Passive House Canada, the Real Estate Foundation of B.C., the City of Fort St. John, the West Moberly First Nations, and the Aboriginal Housing Society of Prince George have joined forces to provide courses and events for the public and construction industry about the Passive House high-performance building standard to northeastern B.C. communities.

The Passive House Standard is the world’s most energy-efficient building standard. It requires up to 90 per cent less energy for heating or cooling, and leaves buildings comfortable and healthy throughout the year, regardless of the weather outside. Because the buildings are built to last, their maintenance and operating costs remain low over the long term.

“Projects around the world show these buildings use so little energy and require so little maintenance, they end up costing significantly less than other buildings, while also maintaining occupants’ comfort,” says Passive House Canada CEO Rob Bernhardt. “Passive House Canada is excited to be working with our partners to bring courses and events to northeastern B.C. to show residents and communities how they, too, can benefit from Passive House buildings.”

British Columbia’s new Energy Step Code and Canada’s new national buildings strategy aim to make high-performance, energy-efficient buildings the norm by 2030.

Dozens of Passive House buildings are currently in design or construction in British Columbia. Passive House projects in northeastern B.C. include the Fort St. John Passive House, the Doig River Community Church, and the West Moberly First Nations Health Station. In addition, high-performance buildings are being planned to provide rental and subsidized housing units in the Fraser–Fort George Region.

Passive House courses and events will take place during the coming months, and will focus on the benefits of these buildings to residents and communities. Because of funding received from the Real Estate Foundation of BC, the courses will be offered to northeastern B.C. residents for $50, at special discount of nearly $300.

Advanced registration is required for the courses.