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We know you’re busy and finding courses that work with your schedule can sometimes be difficult. This January, we will be offering the option of taking our Pathway to Certification series on Saturdays!

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Passive House Construction and Design (120A)

This course covers the technical, economic and policy elements of Passive House buildings. Participants will learn how to apply Passive House principles in the context of building physics, windows and mechanical systems. Numerous case studies, both domestic and international, will be used to demonstrate current best practices and teach concepts of cost assessment. Participants will also have the opportunity to solidify their learning with interactive exercises throughout the course.


Day 1-4: Monday January 11 – Thursday January 14, 2021
Day 5-8: Monday January 18 – Thursday January 21, 2021
9am to 1pm (PST) each day
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Day 1: Saturday January 16, 2021
Day 2: Saturday January 23, 2021
Day 3: Saturday January 30, 2021
Day 4: Saturday February 6, 2021
Day 5: Saturday February 13, 2021
Day 6: Saturday February 20, 2021
Day 7: Saturday February 27, 2021
Day 8: Saturday March 6, 2021
9am to 1pm (PST) each day
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Understanding & Working with PHPP (120B)

This course will enable you to take on your first Passive House project. It provides step-by-step instruction for using the PHPP energy modelling software, which is essential for designing a Passive House building.

Participants will learn the structure, inputs and outputs of PHPP, and how to select appropriate climate data sets and record building measurements. The course includes modelling a sample Canadian project, where participants will assess building heat loss, energy demand and summertime overheating risk, as well as looking at the reliability of data sources and how design decisions impact the building energy demand.


Day 1 to 3: Tuesday February 16 – Thursday February 18, 2021
Day 4 to 6: Monday February 22 – Wednesday February 24, 2021
9am to 1pm (PST) each day
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Day 1: Saturday March 13, 2021
Day 2: Saturday March 20, 2021
Day 3: Saturday March 27, 2021
Day 4: Saturday April 10, 2021
Day 5: Saturday April 17, 2021
Day 6: Saturday April 24, 2021
9am to 1pm (PST) each day
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Exam Preparation for Designer/Consultant Exam (120C)

The Passive House Designer/Consultant Exam is challenging, even for experienced architects and building professionals, so thorough preparation is essential. This online exam preparation course is specifically designed for those who have completed courses 120A and 120B (or equivalent), and who wish to write the exam to become a Certified Passive House professional. It gives participants the tools required to write a successful test.


Day 1-3: Monday May 3 – Wednesday May 5, 2021
9am to 1pm (PST) each day
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