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Original Title: a Tear of the Mall on the New | Customized Tape Strong Attack, Discount Continues to Start at a New Low! A thousand calls, many people look forward to! In the “shouts” of many merchants,tailor measure tape, the customized tape of a torn mall is on the line. In the era of pan-entertainment and fragmented Internet, new media emerge in endlessly,bespoken tape measure, and businessmen will not let go of any tool to show brand “charm”. As a tool in the traditional sense, adhesive tape is endowed with different meanings. The traditional warning tape can no longer meet the personalized needs of businesses. The online 3D customized tape in the shopping mall is the “black technology” that can not be won in the eyes of businessmen. A mobile phone, custom tailor tape ,garment measuring tape, 3 minutes online 3D customization, can complete all the steps of customized tape, a tear mall really helps businesses save time and effort to achieve WYSIWYG! The material of the newly launched tape continues the principle of “guaranteed quality, traceable quality” that the mall has always adhered to, and each roll of tape is guaranteed to be full of meters and yards. In terms of customization, Yitiande Mall, in conjunction with many designers, has carefully prepared a large number of tape templates for you to choose. At the same time, a tear mall is also full of sincerity to give back to the merchants who have been looking forward to customized tape online! · Low minimum order quantity: 100 rolls of tape minimum order, minimum order quantity than many custom tape manufacturers! Low price: 9.99 yuan/roll, price concessions,printed tape measure, stable, not expensive! · Short lead time: Custom Scotch Tape 3-5 days shipping, White Tape 10 days shipping! It’s better to take action than to open your “private customization”! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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