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Simple Ways To Stabilize Thread

How you are supposed to sew with the even and high-quality stitches until you have the right thread rolled in your sewing machine. If everything is on point in the best sewing machine for beginners then definitely there is something wrong with the thread. We often don’t care about the quality of the thread and then expect the best from the sewing machine.

Thread is an essential supply of sewing

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Today in this blog we are going to provide you a complete guide about the thread and how you can stabilize it if it’s not possible to work with it. We are also going to tell you about the storage ways to keep it safe and working for the longest time.

1 – Dust:

Dust is the enemy of the thread and if you are keeping the thread reels at someplace which is exposed to the dust and sunlight then soon the thread will be damaged and you won’t be able to do anything about it. The thread can’t be repaired and when you will roll the thread into the machine, it will start creating the lint and the stitches will be uneven.

Always keep the thread in a place that must be safe from dust as well as sunlight. It will increase the life span of the thread and the quality of the stitches will be enhanced as well.

2 – Stabilizers:

Stabilizers are just not suitable for the fabric but it plays an important role when it comes to stabilizing the thread as well. Another signal of a damaged thread is the damaged fiber. You can see the double fiber of the thread which is not possible to insert into the needle. This is the time when you can actually use the stabilizer to calm the thread down.

Cut the useless front part of the thread and spray the stabilizer. Leave it for 2 mins and then start inserting it into the needle. You can apply the same trick to the embroidery thread as well but always use a temporary stabilizer. The permanent stabilizer can make your work hard and quality uneven. Use the stabilizer at the front part of the thread and use it in a small quantity.

3 – Storage Bags:

Storage of any sewing tool must be a problem for any sewer. If you are not storing the thread or any tool properly then soon it will be rusty or damaged due to the open environment. Sewing tools are delicate in nature and you need to handle them with care to avoid the replacement and repairing problem again and again.

I use plastic bags to store the thread. You can use plastic bags for all kinds of thread like embroidery thread, sewing thread, and many more. Keep the reels in the plastic zipper and later if you are going to use them after a week, it will be the same in quality. You can also use paper bags to store but I prefer plastic to choose the color instantly.

The right sewing thread for the machine helps sewing easier

The performance of the best first sewing machine depends on the kind of thread you are using. If you are using a cheap thread then it’s just going to add up lint in the machine and nothing more.

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4 – Save From Water:

To enhance the life of the thread and to make sure that none of your thread is getting wasted, save it from the water. On one hand, you have to save the thread from any kind of dust and on the other hand, you have to save it from the water and moist place. If you have threads in bulk then you need to keep them in the carton and always cover it up.

You can also buy a thread organizer to keep the reels in order but that organizer must be away from the sunlight and moist place. The more you will take care of these things, the more stable your threads will be.

5 – Brand:

Brands play an important role when you are about to buy anything. This is important to be in budget but buy a prime product. If you are going towards the cheap thread then definitely you can go through the breakage, lint, and uneven line problem. When it comes to the high brand thread then it helps in stabilizing the stitches as well as you don’t have to put an extra effort into it.

I don’t recommend buying lots of threads in one go, instead of in round one you can buy neutral colors, then in the second go, you can buy colors of the same family and in this way collect all. You can collect a number of threads in a slow manner without bothering your pocket.

6 – Natural Fiber:

When I was at the intermediate stage of sewing, I realized how important it is to use the thread which is made up of natural fiber. It will increase the performance of the sewing machine as well as you can save yourself from the additional effort. The natural fiber thread is strong enough to provide strength and support to the project.

You don’t have to provide support to the thread or you don’t have to use several things to stabilize it because it’s strong in nature and the quality of the stitches will be amazing. You are definitely going to love the results once you will start using the natural fiber thread but for the practical purpose, I recommend to use a thread which can be suitable for your needs and budget as well.

Final words

Thread has the power to make or break the whole project. To prepare the best project, it’s important to have a sewing machine and thread. You can read Best Sewing Machine and Crafts Supplies   to find the right match of a sewing machine for you.

At the time of buying, you must consider all the things we have listed above as well as store threads in a way that can help you in using them for a long time.

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