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High-Paying Jobs for Two-Year Graduates
Check out these top-paying jobs for graduates of two-year programs; high demand, high salaries, and lower tuition.

The advantages to obtaining a two-year degree over a four year degree include convenience, cost, and flexibility. Most two-year degrees can be obtained at local technical or community colleges, which tend to offer classes close by with both day and evening classes. Don’t hurry to order professional dissertation writing services. According to Write My Paper Bro research, cost of attending these schools is about $2,700 per year compared to about $7,600 for four-year colleges. In addition to these benefits, some two-year degrees can prepare students for high-paying jobs.

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists clean patient’s teeth, note any disease or abnormalities, and teach preventative oral hygiene to patients. Flexible scheduling is a hallmark of this job, and dentists often hire hygienists to work a few days a week, which is highly valued by working mothers. Over half of dental hygienists choose to work part-time, but some work full-time by arranging to work for two different dentists. Median salary for a dental hygienist in 2019 was $67,340 and job prospects for new openings are very good.

Registered Nurse

For good salaries and prospects of high job growth, nursing is hard to beat. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, median annual salaries of registered nurses were $62,450 in 2019. Many employers offer bonuses, flexible work schedules, child care, and, and bonuses to attract registered nurses. The need for RNs for teaching has caused some problems with the high demand for training currently underway, but for students who graduate with an RN degree and solid clinical experience finding a high-paying position should be easy.

Electrical or Electronic Engineering Technician

Engineering technicians work in manufacturing, research and development, and in construction projects. They may be involved in quality control, may conduct tests, or be involved in inspections of products or processes or data collection for writing an academic paper. Median salaries for electronic engineering technicians was $55,410 in 2019 and while job prospects are affected more by economic conditions than the health care careers, specialized training provides a competitive advantage.

Physical Therapy Assistant

Physical therapy assistants work with Physical Therapists to provide treatments to patients that prevents or lessens physical disabilities, relieves pain, and improves patient mobility. Patients include accident victims and those with such conditions as head injuries, arthritis, and cerebral palsy. Typical tasks would include helping patients perform exercises or learn to use crutches. The median annual salary for a Physical Therapy Assistant was $48,590 in 2019 and future job prospects are considered to be very good.

Computer Specialist

Computer specialists resolve problems for computer systems users, provide technical support, and often troubleshoot computer hardware and software, peripheral equipment like printers, and software applications like word processing, and electronic mail. Job prospects are good, and though some employers prefer Bachelors degrees for this field, experienced technicians have a good chance of getting a position with the average median salary of $47,360.

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