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Need-Progress Not-Perfection


I will not consider that a coach must have an education; he must be a professional, an athlete and be able to distinguish between an arm and a leg. I would like to talk about how to be if you have a squad of super-professionals in front of you, but in order to get the result and satisfaction with your studies, you need to choose the person who is most suitable for you. After all, the approaches and styles of each coach are different, as are the needs of the practitioner. Someone needs more motivation, tell someone what to do and he will do it himself, someone needs to be monitored so that he does not exceed the norm, and someone should be monitored so that he does at least something. An ideal diet is one that allows you to lose a significant amount of kilograms in a short time without harm to your health. There are few methods suitable for this description like meals should be at least five, three donuts a day diet, the minimum daily portion of calories for women is 1300, for men – 1700 and many other diet stuff.


Ø  For Your Health


Proper nutrition is considered the ideal diet for health. It is useless to adhere to such a system for several days, since the result appears only by the end of the second week. That is why it is advisable to practice such a diet for months and preferably years. Every day you need to eat fats, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins, macro- and microelements necessary for the body. The break between meals should not exceed 4 hours, it is better to eat at the same time. Instead of smoked and fried, use boiled, baked, stewed and steamed.

Ø  Contraindications

In adolescence, as well as in old age, diets can also be dangerous. Do not limit yourself to food in the presence of chronic gastrointestinal diseases. With diabetes mellitus, problems with the cardiovascular system and other diseases, it is worth thinking several times before changing the usual menu. Even in the absence of explicit prohibitions on holding the event, the consultation of an experienced doctor is required.

There is a goal! We go to the gym, whether it is group programs or personal training – it doesn’t matter. Look at the trainer, it’s not about looks, neatness or his physical condition! Look at the person, how happy, satisfied, positive he is? (for you personally). Is it pleasant for you to be in the same room with him or not? Someone likes calm, silent people, someone likes smiling pranksters – here the choice is only yours. Come closer to him and try to listen to yourself, what is your inner voice telling you? What is your body telling you? Sometimes an inner voice says: “Run!” Sometimes the legs give way from fear. Sometimes, on the contrary, a rush of inspiration and you are unconditionally ready to obey this person. If your body seems to be shrinking and you are uncomfortable, rather it is not your person, no matter how superprofessional he is. If you feel warmth and comfort next to it, then perhaps it suits you and you will get an excellent result and positive emotions. If you do not understand your feelings, talk to him for a while or take a few trial sessions.

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