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Can adopting an ESA makes your antidepressants work better

Mental illness can make people highly unproductive and reduce their health. Mental health issues reduce health and wellbeing which reduces the quality of life. However, getting an ESA can have many positive effects on mental illness regulation.

People struggling with depression need to get appropriate therapeutic interventions to improve. However, in treatment-resistant depression, the symptoms may not improve despite the use of multiple antidepressants.

There is a simple and easy solution to deal with depression and make yourself feel better. You may keep an ESA after getting a realesaletter. Studies have also indicated that getting an emotional support animal can significantly reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Pets are known to have positive impacts on the mental health of most people.

Having an ESA can enhance the effectiveness of treatment for a person and reduce the symptoms of depression. The usual symptoms of depression persist for more than 2 weeks and affect the functionality of a person and they include;

  •         Loss of interest in previously interesting activities.
  •         Appetite changes such as reduced appetite or eating too much
  •         Sleep alterations as either too much sleeping or too little sleeping
  •         Feeling hopeless or sad
  •         Possible thoughts of suicide and death
  •         Unexplained changes in weight
  •         Loss of energy and reduced focus

Different treatment options are used for people with depression such as psychotherapy and cognitive behavior therapy. Some drugs that are useful for depression include SSRIs and SNRIs.

If these options do not work after switching between treatment options or using multiple drugs then a person is said to have treatment-resistant depression. Some options for these cases include vagus nerve stimulation, electroconvulsive therapy ECT, and transcranial magnetic stimulation may be used. However, patients prefer non-invasive treatment options and an ESA can be a good option to boost the therapeutic process.

Having an ESA is unique in allowing a person to get better. The benefits of an ESA on the health of a person include;

  1.       Looking in the eyes of an ESA releases oxytocin which is a love and bonding hormone. The person feels attached to their ESA and feels comforted by its presence.
  2.       Holding and cuddling an ESA releases dopamine and serotonin which are pleasure chemicals. It allows a person to feel relaxed, and happy.
  3.       Sleeping with an ESA in the same bed or cuddling together improves sleep patterns.
  4.       An ESA motivates an otherwise unmotivated and depressed person. If a person is unable to get out of bed for themselves to get food and water, they would have to do it for their ESA.  Having to feed an ESA would give the person a reason to get out of bed.
  5.       An ESA would provide attention to the person feeling lonely. It would follow you around the house and make you feel less lonely.
  6.       As ESA acts as a mood booster by its presence. The adorable personality of an ESA makes it fun to watch.
  7.       An ESA provides unconditional love and support to a person which is most important for a depressed person. It helps one feel loved and wanted.
  8.       Going out with an ESA for a walk provides an opportunity for movement and physical exercise which is severely limited for a depressed individual. Playing with an ESA in the park can improve blood circulation, enhance physical fitness and release feel-good hormones such as serotonin. Going out also gives the opportunity to get fresh air and sunlight which is otherwise limited for a depressed person.
  9.       An ESA provides good opportunities for socialization. You would have to take your ESA to the vet and to public places which will increase opportunities for social interaction. However, you will need a real esa letter for taking it to public places. The ESA might attract attention and serve as a good icebreaker in a conversation.

In a research study, the effects of having an ESA on depression were studied. A group of people with depression were also given a dog while the control group did not have any emotional support animal. After some period, the researchers studied the impact of the animal on the symptoms of depression. Many participants reported a significant reduction in the symptoms of depression such as better sleep and better energy only a few months after the start of the treatment.

So, if you want to get an ESA to improve your depression then it could be good for you. However, your mental health expert will determine your diagnosis and what kind of therapy would be best for you. You may request a mental health professional for an emotional support animal letter for getting ESA. However, the final decision lies with the provider.

Once you do get an ESA, your symptoms will not just disappear. Depression is a complicated condition and you may or may not benefit from treatment options. Your condition will likely improve with time so regulate your expectations accordingly.

Moreover, keep in mind that not all people can take the responsibility of an ESA. if you feel the desire to get an ESA to ensure that you can afford it and you can take care of it. The ESA is a living being so it would also need to be fed, and taken to the vet when it needs it. So make sure that you can also look after it.

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