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Writing A Descriptive Essay From Scratch As A Writer – 2021 Guide


Before writing a research paper, one has to write a research paper proposal that is a shortened version of the pay someone to write my paper full-length research paper. If you have the same ideology as mine, I would suggest you consult any  essay writing service  because they are the saviors in academic life and can help you earn good grades.



Apart from taking help from these services, I read a few guides and it can help you to answer one of the most frequently asked questions i.e. how to start an essay because once you will be proficient in essay writing you will be able to write a perfect research paper. I must say, essay writing is one of the most important steps in writing a research paper because the two academic tasks have the same nature.


Coming to the idea of writing a Research Proposal, there are some major parts of a research proposal that should be fulfilled and these parts make up the complete research paper. The description of these sections is as follows


1-      Introduction

While writing a research proposal you should start with an introduction section in which you will explain the pay someone to write my essay topic. You will define the major background of the topic that you are discussing.


    •         Background

In this section, you will share a brief history of the past research work and how the topic has been dealt with in the past. You are expected to explain what are the research approaches that were used in the past


    •         Aims and objectives

In this section, you are expected to share the aims and objectives of your research. You will explain how you want to complete the research. The aims and objectives should be to the point and concise.


    •         Research questions

It is the central part of the research paper. In this section, you are required to write 2 – 3 questions that will be centered on the topic.


2-      Literature Review

It is the descriptive section in which you are required to rephrase the research articles that are already published. Literature review, as the title indicates, is the review of past research. It helps you to identify the issues and gaps that highlight the central question of research.


3-      Methodology

It is the section in which you are required to explain the research method that you will be choosing. You will specify either you will be choosing qualitative or quantitative research. You will specify the approaches as well such as either you will be using interviews or the survey method. You need to cheap essay writer justify the choice of method as well.


4-      Data Collection

Here you will explain how you will collect the data. The method of data collection should be elaborated on. It should be a detailed insight into the number of participants that you have chosen for the research and you can also give a brief insight into the characteristics of the participants that make them a perfect fit for the research. You can make tables for the demographic details or the tables explaining details of the participants.


5-      Discussions

Here, you will discuss the points that you think will be prominent. You can also explain the points that you think will be college essay writing service proved. In most cases, this section comprises the assumptions that you think will be either proved or rejected.


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