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Moissanite gem is the only characteristic material that is a gem of different diamonds. Although its appearance and internal crystal are very similar to diamonds, its chemical composition is different. Diamonds are the crystal of carbides. The main component of Moissanite is silicon carbide. Moissanite gem has the best fire color and higher refractive index. The light it refracts emits is iridescent, Under the optical instrument, the fire color emitted by the moissanite is 2.4 times higher than the diamond, and the fire color light emitted by it is more eye-catching. Refractive index, glossiness and refractive index of gems refer to the color and brightness reflected by light entering gems. If gems have high refractive index, they will reflect higher fire colors. Fire color refers to the optical effect of gems, which means that the intensity of the reflected light of gems is refracted to produce bright colors that other gems cannot reach.


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