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Can Pomeranians qualify as an ESA?

Will power is crucial for anyone who wants to achieve something. It is also the power that helps you recover from difficult situations. Sadly, those suffering from mental disorders can have low willpower. The disadvantage is that those individuals cannot deal with an adverse situation as easily as a person with sound mental health. Their rehabilitation becomes difficult and the problem can be quite prolonged. This can consume much time and one remains isolated for extended periods.


Emotional support is the one thing that can serve this purpose. ESAs are the main entities that can be your best friends. The problem is that there are so many choices and you have to choose the one that best suits you. If you want a dog, then there are multiple options to pursue and you can rest assured that you shall have a loyal friend. Pomeranians are one of the breeds that are great ESAs. People often think of these as small dogs but they have big hearts. So if you have ordered an ESA Letter, then get a pomeranian and you shall have a great companion. Here is what you need to know why they are great ESAs.

  • Firstly, Pomeranians are thought of as small dogs with little capacity to exercise and socialize. This is not true as the looks are deceiving. They are playful creatures who can make your world go round. You can spend time with it as you meet new people and get out of the isolation that you are stuck in.
  • Pomeranians are small but they have a great sense of presence and loyalty. They remain with you and if you are in trouble, they can be with you to give you comfort. This is the main mark of an ESA that it must be with you when you need it the most, and it must not leave your side.
  • The animal is sharp and smart. The benefit of it is that it can learn new techniques and tricks through your commands. The more time you spend with it, the better it understands you and can serve you. As you train the dog, you can easily forget your own troubles to the point that it becomes easy to overcome any and all issues. Get an ESA Letter for housing so you have no issues in accommodating the creature. You must get the letter from a reliable source to be sure of its legitimacy.
  • Small dogs have their own benefits. One of the most compelling ones is that they can be easily accommodated in every kind of space without any major issue. Also, many of the landlords and other people concerned with rental accommodations can be stingy and you might not get the right results. In such cases, Pomeranians can be easily accommodated as you can relax your mind and do not have to leave them home.
  • If properly requested, small dogs can also be accommodated in airplane travels as well as at hotels and other such areas. If you have the ESA letter, you can just submit it and ask them for some provisions based on your needs. Ultimately, the others see the need and can be there to comply.
  • The breed is furry, which is great for cuddling, it has multiple coats of fur and is really comfortable to cuddle with. The result of this is that the right hormones are released and you can feel much better. Happy hormones come into play here and can be the best thing that can happen to you.


Given above are the advantages you enjoy with the pomeranian. However, there are certain things you must consider when jumping into getting it as a realesaletter. The decision has multiple dimensions. And you must think of all of these beforehand.

  • First, there is a lot of grooming that is required to keep the breed safe from any issues. You must be willing and able to give time and money to groom it. Its fur coat needs the right taking care of so you must be the one to cater to this need.
  • Secondly, they can have obesity issues if they do not have a proper diet. This is again your responsibility to note each and everything about the animal. As it takes care of you, you have the responsibility to look after it as well. You can learn to cook some treats at home or get the best dog food needed to attract the animal and cause minimal issues.
  • Smaller dogs need to be accommodated safely. Since they might not be able to defend themselves as well as larger dogs, you must be the one to ensure their safety. The more time you give the animal, the more you shall get in return. The emotional support animal letter shall help you ensure that it stays near you and away from any dangers. There is no need for any registration or certification. Otherwise, you will get fraudulent outcomes.


Dogs are already a great option to have as an Pair this with a small, sweet, cuddly, and cheerful breed and you have a winning combination in your hand. The best thing to do is get the letter now if you are feeling down and out. The animal will be able to make your day bright and sunny. You can regain the confidence back in your abilities as you begin to get out of the symptoms that you might have. Have a conversation with the animal and have a ball.


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