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Graeme Verhulst




British Columbia




With the realization that to make change we have to build differently, Graeme decided to pursue a career in architecture with the goal of improving people’s relationships with our fellow humans and the environment through better buildings. In addition to the practice of architecture, Graeme has also been a teacher, at an architecture program at the University of the Gambia, West Africa. During his time in this challenging setting, he has seen first hand the power that design thinking can have when dealing with “wicked problems.”

He is a keen advocate for advanced building science and the need to move our new and existing buildings towards net zero and beyond. Through his volunteer work with Passive House Canada, he has participated in discussions at the provincial and federal level about how policy instruments and changes to the building code can both encourage industry leaders to drive the cutting edge forward, and can build capacity at all levels to deliver the comfortable, affordable, and energy efficient buildings that building owners and the public deserve.

In addition to the technical, Graeme is also committed to the social and cultural aspects of architecture. The design of public and community space is a passion for him. He also has a proven aptitude for deep community and stakeholder  engagement. By listening to different points of view and knowing the right questions to ask, he is often able to find design solutions that synthesize everyone’s needs and wants in order to find a path that everyone is happy to travel on.

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Waymark Architecture


Certified Passive House Consultant


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