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Will the landlord accept an electronic ESA letter?


Emotional wellbeing is as important as your physical health. You need to work on yourself if you suffer from any mental disability e.g., PTSD, anxiety, depression, or OCD. Medicine and therapy are the perfect combinations to deal with such mental health problems. The best therapy to treat mental illnesses is animal therapy through ESAs.


At realesaletter, we know that having an emotional support animal can make a world of difference in someone’s life. That’s why we offer convenient and affordable electronic ESA letters that can help you qualify your pet as an ESA. However, we understand that one of the biggest concerns our customers have is whether their landlord will accept an electronic ESA letter. The good news is that many landlords do recognize the legitimacy of electronic ESA letters, and we can provide you with the necessary documentation to demonstrate your pet’s status as an ESA.

What are ESAs?


Emotional support animals are not ordinary pets. They are prescribed to you by licensed mental health professionals as a form of therapy. An ESA can be any animal e.g., cat, dog, hedgehog, pig, or pony. After cuddling with your furry companions, you will literally feel your anxiety vanish. If you already have a pet, you can get a simple document to make it an ESA.


Process for getting an ESA


In an ideal world, getting an ESA would be easier than stealing candy from a baby. Unfortunately, you will have to go through a rigorous process to qualify for the ESA letter for housing. They say that patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet. Getting an is a long and bitter process but your life will forever change after getting an ESA. What is the process for getting the letter as soon as possible?


Well, you have to be diagnosed by a licensed mental health caregiver first. Contact any such professional you already know or consult the internet to get in touch with one. After asking them for the documentation, they will conduct a few psychological tests to check your mental health status. If they believe that you qualify, the letter will arrive at your doorstep in no time. With the letter, your landlord cannot prevent you from owning ESAs even if they have a strict No Pets policy.


Electronic ESA letters


You might be wondering what an Electronic ESA document is. This letter is basically a pdf version of the letter that is more convenient to carry around since it resides in your phone. A physical or hard copy of the letter may not always be available but your phone is always with you. The e-letter and the actual document do not have the same weightage though.


Are electronic ESA letters enough?


Having a Regular ESA letter with you at all times is important. You should get the letter and place it in a safe and easily accessible location. Let’s suppose your rude landlord harshly knocks on your door and forces you to get rid of your ESA. They might not be easily convinced with the electronic document, since it is easy to fabricate. The presence of a hard ESA letter becomes necessary in emergency cases like the one described.


Online or physical interaction?


There are two major ways to get your letter i.e., your psychologist/psychiatrist or online websites. If you currently get counseling for your mental or emotional health, ask the practitioner to write the ESA letter for you. However, if you are suffering in silence, you can get the letter online as well. After diagnosing you, the online professionals can send the electronic version almost immediately while the hard copy will arrive at your doorstep within a week or so.


Caution – Don’t be scammed


Obtaining the letter online seems like your best option but don’t fall victim to a classical scam. Since you are paying a significant amount of money, be sure to analyze the website before paying them. Some precautions to follow are:

  • Run away if they offer the letter without a diagnosis
  • Run away if the professional is not licensed to operate within your state
  • Run away if the sample is not following letter format
  • Run away if there are too many grammatical errors in the sample letter


Landlord vs You

  1. E-letter


The electronic version of the ESA letter is enough. However, if your landlord is persistent, show them the hard copy to eliminate all their arguments. While the e-document is valid in itself, the hard document will strengthen your stance more. The ethical thing to do is get an ESA that does not disturb your neighbors e.g., peaceful dog and cat breeds, fish, or a rabbit.

  1. Inform them


It is better to inform your landlord that you are getting an ESA before you buy one. You can hold a small meeting with them and tell them how it is beneficial for your mental health. If the landlord seems distant and resistive, inform them about your rights under the constitution. Tell them that this letter will enable you to live with an animal with or without their permission.


  1. Discrimination? Never!


If you are the victim of discrimination even after showing your e-letter, you have the right to protest. You are an equal resident of the building despite having the ESA. It is therefore unfair to be mistreated for having a disability. A landlord would never discriminate against a tenant for a leg injury; similarly, discrimination based on mental illnesses should not be tolerated.


What to do with this information


Now that you are aware of the different methods of getting ESA documents, it is time to put this information to practical use. You should get the emotional support animal letter online because it is very convenient. Before the letter arrives, you should have the breed and species of animal planned.




In conclusion, an ESA Letter document may be the solution to all your problems. Depressed? Anxious? Traumatized? Don’t worry, get an ESA. By cuddling, grooming, and feeding your ESA, your mental health will improve within a year. If your landlord is being rude or discriminatory, you can use your ESA document to counter their arguments.



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