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Make use of relevant stock photography.
We always prefer utilizing original imagery on your website, but if that isn’t feasible, there are certain tactics you may use to help with stock picture selection.

While stock photographs save time by removing the need for you to produce your own graphics, many web source employ clichéd imagery. You’ll also find that similar imagery appears on a number of other websites, which affects your trust.

According to the research, users “unconsciously transfer their bad experiences onto these stock photographs, lowering trust and increasing friction in the conversion process.”

So, if you’re seeking for stock photographs, stay away from the corny ones. These are the photographs of people high-fiving with overdone grins, groups of people staring at the camera, CEOs dressed as superheroes, and groups of suited individuals leaping in the air.

When was the last time you encountered someone who resembled them in person?


Instead, seek for photographs that depict realistic situations in well-lit environments. Individuals in business casual dress conversing across a conference table, over the shoulder views of people typing on a laptop, and people scribbling on a whiteboard in an open room are all instances. Others will start to see these kinds of scenarios as genuine. Look for candid photographs taken in real-life circumstances rather than studio images.

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