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Google Chrome Dinosaur Game: Learn How to Play and See Trivia

T-Rex Running, Chrome’s dinosaur game known by many of its users and which is displayed when there is no internet connection available, can be used both on your smartphone and in the web browser, in a very simple way.

Here’s how to play the Chrome dinosaur game

Whenever you are without an Internet connection and try to open Chrome, a T-Rex dinosaur will appear right above the phrase “This webpage is not available” or “No Internet”.

To play the dinosaur Dino game, just press the space key. So, you’ll make the dinosaur jump over the cacti that will appear and you’ll be able to try to get the best score possible. Now, if you’re playing on mobile, just tap on the screen every time you want to jump. An interesting feature of the game is that your score will remain stored and will appear whenever your connection is offline, so you can try to improve even more.

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When did Chrome’s dinosaur game come about?

The little game has been around for 5 years, since 2014. In 2015, it received its first update, which included Pterodactyls. At about the same time, Google released an update that makes that, whenever the player exceeds 400 points, the dinosaurs will fly, making the game more difficult, since they will also fly close to the ground and will have to perform more maneuvers. to dodge obstacles.

Last year, in celebration of Google Chrome’s 10th anniversary, the dinosaur game mascot got a party hat and cake.

How to Run Dinosaur Game on Google Chrome Online

If you are not without Internet, but want to play the game anyway, just access the address chrome://dino. If it doesn’t, it’s worth trying to update your browser.

Fun Facts About Chrome’s Dinosaur Game character choice

If you’ve ever wondered why Google chose the dinosaur as its mascot, you may know what it is now: It was chosen to represent the prehistoric era, to which the user returns when he is without the Internet. Even before the existence of the dinosaur, cacti and the desert were already appearing on the “No Internet” screen.

End of the game

Contrary to what many users think, Google Chrome’s dinosaur game is finite. However, technically, it is not possible to reach its end, which takes 17 million years to be “zeroed”, the same period that Tyrannosaurus Rex walked the planet.

Court hearing

Google dinosaur game had such a large audience that admins had to find a way to disable it. That’s because many companies and schools complain that their employees and students just wanted to play it instead of carrying out their tasks.

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