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Types of Doors

There are many kinds of doors with different purposes. Doors are largely defined by the materials they are made from. Also, door classification varies due to the mechanism and usage. Followings are the classifications of doors:

  1. Considering Material Used
    1. Wooden Door
    2. Metal Door
    3. UPVC Door
  2. Considering the Mechanism & Usage
    1. Sliding Door
    2. Composite Door
    3. Swinging Door
    4. Revolving Door
    5. Folding Door

What Is A Door?

The door is a moving mechanism which is more like a barrier made of wood, stone, metal, glass, paper, leaves, hides, or a combination of materials. A door understands the importance of having options when it comes to choosing the right fit for the architecture of our home and interior and exterior decor from the curb through the foyer. Trendy to timeless, understated to elaborate, the door provides a warm welcome. There is a sharp contrast between interior and exterior door. A door has an aesthetic purpose in creating an impression of what lies beyond.

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Types Of Based on the location

  • Exterior Doors
  • Interior Doors

Importance of Doors

We all know the proverb that the first impression is usually the last and this is true, especially for entrance to our homes. The entrance of any house creates a lasting impression on visitors‘ minds but somehow doors remain unnoticed unless either they are elegantly done or completed in a bad shape.

Doors are the major important element of any home, they not only provide aesthetically pleasing but also have features like durability, strength, water, and heat resistance and they should not warp with time.

Past days have been gone now doors were used for the mere purpose of maintaining privacy and security. Nowadays doors have become an important aesthetic appearance structure and an integral part of a home’s interiors.

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Functions of Doors:

  • The structure includes doorways that provide entry within the building’s rooms.
  • The doors in the buildings act as a link between the various parts of the building’s interior.
  • It will also provide the chamber with ventilation and lighting.
    It will aid in maintaining the rooms’ modesty.

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are the doors that provide access to the insides of a building. The exterior doors are generally huge and decorative. The exterior doors provide safety to the people and property inside the building and thus it has high-quality lock systems.

Interior Doors

Interior doors do more than just separating rooms and providing privacy. Generally, interior doors are thinner than the exterior doors, and modern interior doors come in a variety of styles. They are available in different materials. They do not undergo the severities to the weather.

Wooden Door

The wooden door is the top choice for the homeowners. It is a premium choice for your home interior and exterior with a rich sense of character and beauty on its own. Many antique doors were made of wood. A wooden door can be custom made which has decorative yet functional design options. Most of the wooden doors open in a swinging system; also it is stained rather than painted because stain is a marketable choice allowing you to show the wood’s natural grain.

Metal Door

As the name suggests, metal door is made of metal. It has a prolonged functional life with high dimensional accuracy and eminent corrosion resistance. It functions as a way to bolt the entrance to a formation and seal the components out. It’s more like a barricade type which can withstand storm and earthquake. A metal door can be made with glass kit, louver, fire, storefront.

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UPVC Doors

UPVC doors are made of synthetic unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride. It is very rigid and durable against weather and temperature when compared to other materials. However, it does not provide a pleasing appearance because of the plastic look.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are mainly panels of glass set into wood, steel, or aluminum frames. These are always used either at the back or side of the house to let natural light come through. Front doors can also gesture glass, however, you need to ensure privacy with curtains or sanding the glass.

Sliding Door

Sliding doors are also known as bypass doors and are generally used for locations including large openings as that discovered in a bedroom or closets. Sliding doors do not swing open rather, you have to move them on the track and that’s why they do not disrupt other components of the space. Therefore, just a part of the opening is accessible at a time.


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