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Gentleman Xian’s face was twisted with extreme resentment. “Yes, let him live, let him die!”! Sister Jun, after dealing with Ye Bin, should we think of a way to deal with that bitch Liu Qingyou? Luo Xinlan, who was standing next to Junziyi, answered in a resentful voice. She and Junziyi have been married for a month. However, this month is the most suffocating month for her. Since she entered the door of Jun’s family, the business of Jun’s family has fallen sharply and is flourishing. Jun Haoxuan gentleman Yi although the mouth does not say, but deep down they regard her as the jinx of their family. Had it not been for the sake of her aunt Luo Guifei in the palace to take care of the gentleman, perhaps Jun Haoxuan gentleman Yi would have swept her out of the house. All this is because of Liu Qingyou! So, she will never let Liu Qingyou feel better. Luo Xinlan swore in the bottom of her heart. No, I have changed my mind about dealing with Liu Qingyou. This palace will try to make her a member of our family. However, Luo Xinlan was wrong. Now the gentleman does not want Liu Qingyou’s life so much. The Jun family and the Luo family of the four big families are no longer worthy of the name. However, the Liu family is not the same, the Liu family has the potential to become the first family in the capital. If the gentleman gets Liu Qingyou,Glucono Delta Lactone, isn’t the Liu family still in the pocket of their family? The emperor has only two years of health left, and she has to think about her future. And the future of Jun’s family is her future. 094 “Sister Jun, you.” Luo Xinlan looked at Junzixian in disbelief, unable to believe that she would change her mind at this juncture. Sister-in-law, you are a member of our family now. So, you should know very well what is good for our family. We want to help my brother get Liu Qingyou,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, because only the whole Liu family represented by Liu Qingyou can keep our position in the four big families in the capital. To put it bluntly, we just took a fancy to the money of the Liu family. But don’t worry, because from the beginning to the end, you are the one my brother loves. Isn’t it? Gentleman Xian took Luo Xinlan’s hand and exhorted him earnestly. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What we are interested in is the money of the Liu family, which has nothing to do with Liu Qingyou. Xinlan, don’t you understand my heart for you? Gentleman Yi listens to gentleman Xian to say so, hurriedly embrace in Luo Xinlan, affectionately open one’s mouth to say. Only, the tone of surprise and suddenly unusually bright eyes revealed the excitement of his heart. He had not seen her for a month since the last time he had seen her in Junjia Restaurant. He suddenly wanted to see her gentle and indifferent face. “Zi Yi, sister Jun, Lactoferrin Manufacturer ,Quillaja Saponin, you..” Are you telling the truth? If that’s the case, you have to promise me that as long as our family gets all the property of their Liu family, they will give me the bitch Liu Qingyou. I I will make her life a living hell. I promise Luo Xinlan did not miss the bright light of great surprise in the eyes of the gentleman. She suddenly felt that her good mood had already disappeared with the light. So she became more and more resentful and vicious as she spoke. All right, I promise you. Gentleman Yi has no time to say anything, gentleman Xian has already agreed to come down first. Gentleman Yi subconsciously wanted to object, but stopped refuting at the signal of gentleman Xian’s eyes. The emperor has arrived, the imperial concubine has arrived, and the eight princesses have arrived! Just as the three of them were discussing how to deal with Liu Qingyou, the eunuch’s shrill voice sounded outside the Jinglan Palace. The emperor Duanmu Aotian also came? There was a sudden flash of anger on the gentleman’s face. Last night she was still begging Duanmu Aotian to attend her family dinner today, but Duanmu Aotian did not agree. Unexpectedly, as soon as Luo Guifei arrived, he followed her. It seemed that her position in his heart was still far behind that of Lovell in his heart. However, even if angry, gentleman Xian also had to immediately put on a smile and surprise, trotted to meet the arrival of Duanmu Aotian and Lovell Duanmu Linger. With Duanmu Aotian here, her plan to frame Ye Bin today is a little more sure. “I don’t know if the emperor has come to meet you, but I ask the emperor to forgive me!” Gentleman Xian knelt down in front of Duanmu Aotian and gently apologized in his own delicate voice. That pitiful charming charm immediately let Duanmu Aotian heart a fiery. Had it not been for the fact that his body could no longer withstand the torment, he would have wished to press the goblin who deliberately tempted him on his body. “Princess Aifei, please get up quickly.” Even so, Duanmu Aotian immediately picked up the gentleman and took her into his arms and said intimately. Oh, the emperor is the only one in your sister’s eyes. You see, this palace and Linger two big living people stand aside for so long, she just did not see. Lovell’s voice sounded sour and irritated. This gentleman is virtuous day and night to tempt Duanmu Aotian, this Duanmu Aotian’s body also do not know whether it can endure for another two years. Duanmufeng hurt the lifeblood, I do not know if the doctor has a way to cure? If not cured, after the death of Duanmu Aotian, their good days will be over. At the thought of Duanmufeng’s injury, Lovell resented Liu Qingyou and Ye Bin from the bottom of her heart. Not long ago, she also learned that the famous “Ye Shenyi” in Beijing was actually Ye Bin. If she didn’t want to breathe a bad breath for Duanmufeng, she wouldn’t have agreed to Junzixian’s plan so happily today, and tried every means to let Duanmu Aotian cooperate with Junzixian’s framing of Ye Bin. Your Majesty, my sister is angry. Will you intercede with my sister for me and let her not be angry with my concubine? The gentleman pretended to struggle a few times in the arms of Duanmu Aotian, and then asked pitifully. Fu Er, you see your sullen face has frightened my beloved concubine. All right, don’t be angry. She didn’t mean it, either. Duanmu Aotian listened to the words of the gentleman, and as expected,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, he began to speak for the gentleman, which made Lovell even more angry. However, she gave Duanmu Aotian face and did not break out on the spot.

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