MEMBER SPOTLIGHT – Q&A with Tobiasz Staszak, Country Manager, Reynaers Canada


Reynaers Canada, part of the global Reynaers Group, recently became a new member to Passive House Canada. Established over 50 years ago, Reynaers Group is a family-owned company with headquarters in Belgium and presence in more than 70 countries worldwide. The company’s brand, Reynaers Aluminium, is a leading European specialist in the development and marketing of innovative, sustainable aluminum solutions for windows, doors, curtain walls, sliding systems, sun screening and conservatories.

We spoke to Tobiasz Staszak, Country Manager of Reynaers Canada, to learn more about their focus on creating energy-efficient, responsibly-made products that make a difference for the homes and buildings and the people they serve.


Q: What are some of the key initiatives you are working on both in Canada and in other markets?

A: At Reynaers Aluminium, we strive to create unique, high-quality products and solutions. In the Canadian market, we believe we make the difference in the areas of innovation & partnership. We are strongly focused on delivering the latest technology in order to meet and exceed the most up-to-date requirements and expectations. Thanks to our wide range of solutions, we can respond to different requirements including Passive House projects. We also believe in building long-term, efficient collaborations with partners in Canada. We not only bring our partners’ solutions, but we also provide our partners with many services and digital tools that make their lives easier throughout the entire process, from concept to calculation, production and installation.


Q: How do your products work with Passive House projects?

A: We have products in our portfolio that are Passive House certified and Swiss Minergie labeled. Our MasterLine 10 series for instance has been developed specifically for low energy and passive buildings, combining extreme thermal characteristics with minimal visible profile width. The highly insulating character is achieved through the integration of new innovative materials and the build-up of the thermal break. These energy-efficient solutions can be used in low- and energy-neutral homes and thus contribute to a sustainable environment.


Q: We’ve heard that you have a great virtual reality tool – tell us how it works?

A: At our headquarters named the Reynaers Campuos in Belgium, you can come visit Avalon, our virtual reality room. It is here that we visit future buildings through a shared virtual reality experience. Avalon turns an architectural 3D model into a virtual model you can step into, enabling you to review all kinds of design and technical aspects from inside or around the building. It creates an ideal environment for joint experience and collaboration between architects, investors, contractors and Reynaers’ experts. This powerful tool radically changes the way the design of a building is evaluated and visualized.


Q: What values drive your business to make it such a successful business for so long?

A: We combine design, technology and digitalization in innovative solutions that inspire our partners to create sustainable buildings. Customer intimacy is at the core of what we do. We strive to build lasting relationships and want to meet the expectations of our partners worldwide in a flexible and solution-oriented way.

We are passionate about contributing to sustainable and green buildings and dare to set the bar high in circular design and recyclability. Through the development of innovative products and services, we improve the long-term energy efficiency, safety and sustainability of buildings. We optimize our products throughout the life cycle, from the exploitation and processing of raw materials, to the production, distribution, use and recycling of materials in industrial cycles. We continue to pursue sustainable and efficient business operations, minimizing the ecological footprint of our operational processes and logistics.

Safe and healthy working conditions are the number one priority in all of our activities. We strive to offer a motivating and attractive working environment along with challenging job content for all employees. We also invest in the lifelong learning and employability of our employees in the face of rapidly changing technology and labor standards. As a family business, it’s important we are a caring partner for our employees and stakeholders, enabling us to achieve a positive impact on a broader societal level.


Reynaers Group’s Global Headquarters in Belgium.